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Ed Liebow, AAA Executive Director

Executive Director Liebow Defends AAA in Washington Post
AAA Executive Director Ed Liebow comments on a review of Alice Dreger’s book on science politics, “Galileo’s Middle Finger.”
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AAA Establishes Working Group on Racialized Police Brutality and Extrajudicial Violence
To help reduce police-related violence by applying anthropological knowledge and expertise, AAA has established a Working Group on Racialized Police Brutality and Extrajudicial Violence.
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Election Information
The AAA Spring 2015 elections are now open. This year members will also elect a new AAA President-Elect. Login and vote now.
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Have Your Voice Heard! Renew Your Membership Today
Want to have a say in this year’s AAA election? Membership is required to submit your vote. Have your voice heard by renewing today!
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Has AAA’s Style Guide Gone Out of Style?
The AAA has retained a distinctive bibliographic citation form modified from the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) for more than 100 years. We wonder whether it is more beneficial to maintain a distinctive style guide or to follow CMS. Join the discussion.
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3 hours ago
Exec. Dir. Ed Liebow to facilitate Task Force on AAA Engagement with Israel-Palestine http://t.co/RAcRKBGEEa
3 hours ago
Dave Beine is a medical anthropologist with a focus on Nepal. Earthquakes and Culture - http://t.co/lH2gfJ78CD #Nepal #Earthquake

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