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Webinar on Promotion & Tenure and Publications

The webinar on the future of publishing, promotion and tenure occurred on Friday, October 14, 2011.

The digital event was a fascinating conversation between three anthropologists, each with extensive background with the promotion and tenure process. The Committee for the Future of Print and Electronic Publishing  organized an online webinar to discuss the role of digital publications and the rapidly changing publishing landscape around us and how these forces intersect with promotion and tenure. The webinar included:

  • Former AAA President Don Brenneis, professor of anthropology at UC-Santa Cruz and author of scholarship on peer review and assessment cultures.
  • Provost of the University of Missouri, Brian Foster, a former anthropology department chair now in a leading role with promotion and tenure assessment and decisions.
  • Professor of Anthropology, Richard Handler, who served for ten years as Associate Dean for Academic Programs at the University of Virginia.
  • Ed Liebow, AAA Treasurer, will be the Master of Ceremonies.

To download (.pdf) the presentation, click here.
Listen to the introduction by Ed Liebow.
Listen to the webinar.

We hope you join us in continuing the illuminating conversation about the role of publications and tenure, evaluation standards, and the changing digital landscape of scholarly production at the Annual Meeting forum discussion on November 18th entitled The Future of AAA Publishing.