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AN Highlights 2009

January 2009: Incarceration
James B Waldram
Challenges of Prison Ethnography
Lorna A Rhodes
Ethnography in Sites of Total Confinement

February 2009: Reproductive Technologies
Viola Hoerbst
In the Making: Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Mali, West Africa

February 2009: Reproductive Subjects
Sameena Mulla
Political Terrains of Emergency Contraception: Medical Staff Perceptions of Sexual Assault Victim Credibility

March 2009: Perinatal Care
Brigitte Jordan and Anastasia L Thatcher
Competing Technologies in Perinatal Care: A Call for Dialogue between Low- and High-Tech Practitioners
Melissa Cheyney and Courtney Everson
Narratives of Risk: Speaking Across the Hospital/Homebirth Divide

March 2009: Reproductive Governance
Lynn M Morgan and Elizabeth FS Roberts
Rights and Reproduction in Latin America

April 2009: Visual Ethics
Kimberly Christen
Access and Accountability: The Ecology of Information Sharing in the Digital Age

April 2009: Multisensory/Multimedia
Jonathan S Marion and Julia Lynn Offen
Translating Multisensory Experience: An Introduction

May 2009: Veteran Identity
Rhoda Kanaaneh
Blood in the Same Mud?: Palestinian Veterans of the Israeli Military

May 2009: Departures from Conflict
Kimberly Theidon
Pasts Imperfect: Reintegrating Former Combatants in Colombia

September 2009: Codifying Ethics
Janet E Levy
Life is Full of Hard Choices: A Grievance Procedure for the AAA?
Rena Lederman
Comparing Ethics Codes and Conventions: Anthropological, Sociological and Psychological Approaches

October 2009: Economic Crisis: Origins
Gillian Tett
Icebergs and Ideologies: How Information Flows Fuelled the Financial Crisis
Aaron Z Pitluck
Ethnography Meets Econometrics: Exploring Daily Work Practices that Lead to Financial Crises
Tara A Schwegler
The Global Crisis of Economic Meaning

November 2009: Aging & the Life Course
Jay Sokolovsky
Aging, Center Stage: New Life Course Research in Anthropology
Philip B Stafford
Aging and Developmental Disability: Emerging Concerns and Insights

November 2009: Eldercare
Pin Wang
Care Beyond the Body: Service Encounters in Taiwan's Eldercare Programs

December 2009: The Future/s of Anthropology
Jane Desmond
Who is an Anthropologist? Scholarly Communities, Institutional Configurations and Intellectual Migrations
K Anne Pyburn
The Future of Archaeology as Anthropology

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