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AN Call for Proposals: Repatriation

In recognition of the 20th anniversary of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), Anthropology News seeks contributions for a thematic issue on repatriation, broadly conceived. Since its passage in 1990, NAGPRA has prompted significant and compelling conversations on issues such as intellectual property rights, identity politics, human rights and professional ethics. Beyond NAGPRA, researchers, educators and practitioners in all areas of anthropology engage with questions involving repatriation on a daily basis, whether tracking the lineage of a museum artifact, informing policy on cultural heritage, or facilitating the return of refugees following a conflict.

We welcome proposals for In Focus commentaries, Teaching Strategies, Field Notes articles, photo essays, news stories and interviews that address the repatriation of people, objects and intangible heritage from a wide range of angles including (but not limited to):
  • Visual heritage and intellectual property in a digital age
  • Illegal artifact excavation and trafficking
  • Interpreting genetic/cultural affiliation and patrimony
  • The consultation process and new collaborations
  • Tribal heritage programs and tribal sovereignty
  • Displacement/endangerment of people and artifacts through conflict
  • Refugee resettlement and diasporic cultural communities
  • Return of economic migrants
  • Memory, identity and temporality
  • Global discontinuities in repatriation policy
  • Practices related to NAGPRA compliance
  • Human rights and social justice
To participate, email a 300-word abstract and 50-100-word biosketch to Anthropology News editor Dinah Winnick. Proposals for photo essays should also include five high resolution photographs (tiff or jpg), each with a caption and credit. Selected authors will be asked to submit commentaries of 1000-1400 words or shorter pieces for other article types.

Proposal submission deadline: November 16, 2009
Early submissions are encouraged.

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