Anthropology News

Photo Contest Submission Form

All AAA members are invited to participate in the 2012 AAA Photo Contest. This submission page accepts entries from April 23 through July 9, 2012. Photos meeting all technical requirements will be uploaded to the Anthropology News website at for viewing. AAA members will then be able to vote for their favorite photos in each category at the end of the summer.

Submission Form Instructions

For general guidelines and information on the photo contest, please see the photo contest information page.

In addition, please note:

  • Your text will not be edited before it is uploaded to the voting system. We encourage you to compose your brief biographical statement, photo titles and captions before filling out the form.
  • This form does not accept diacritics or quotation marks. We suggest that you copy your text into Notepad or other text editor and then paste it into this form to remove all formatting.
  • Be sure your photo is from 2010 or later and has not been previously submitted to the AAA Photo Contest.
  • The entrant and the photographer must be the same person.

Please direct any questions to Amy Goldenberg by email at Thank you for participating in this year's contest.