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Issues & News

View & Review – The Anthropology Book Forum Publishing Paradigm
AAA has developed an innovative new platform that will accelerate the scholarly book review process within anthropology through the implementation of a totally digital system. Learn more

AAA Announces Summer Interns for 2015
Emily Haver (Univ. of Colorado) and Katelyn Schoenike (The College of Wooster), have been selected to intern at the Naval History and Heritage Command, and the National Museum of African Art respectively. Learn more

AAA At Record Number of Members
AAA is pleased to announce that for the first time in its history, membership has reached more than 12,600. Learn more (PDF).

Economic Anthropologists Join World's Largest Professional Anthropology Association
AAA is pleased to announce that the Society for Economic Anthropology (SEA) has merged with AAA. The merger of the two groups became official on March 13, 2013. Learn more (PDF).

AAA Statement On OSTP Public Access Policy Memorandum
The U.S. President's Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) recently released a policy memorandum calling for increased public access to federally funded research results.
Learn More.

AAA President Mullings Writes Letters to Editor of The New York Times
President Mullings writes a letter to the Editor of The New York Times Magazine in response to Ms. Eakin's article noting that likening Indiana Jones to anthropology is as useful as Fred Flintstone is for understanding life in the Neolithic. Read the letter (PDF). 

Scientists Respond to New York Times(PDF)- In this press advisory President Mullings responds to a series of New York Times articles that misinterpret AAA's views on science, ethics, and the role of debate in the advancement of knowledge.

Corrections have been made to the two New York Times pieces written by Nicholas Wade:
An Anthropologist's War Stories - printed February 18, 2013
Discord of Scholar's Tribal Research - printed February 25, 2013

To stay up to date with this conversation, President Mullings also recommends reading the following:
Meet Joe Science - Anthropomics - blog by Jonathon Marks
Tribal Warfare - Elizabeth Povinelli's book review
Noble Savages - Rachel Newcomb's book review
Science, Advocacy and Anthropology - Huffington Post Science

New Executive Director Leads American Anthropological Association
Dr. Edward Liebow, who was selected as the new Executive Director of the AAA during the organization's 111th Annual Meeting in November of last year, started his new position with the group. Learn more (PDF).

AAA Names New Executive Director
AAA is pleased to announce that its Executive Board has selected a new Executive Director, Dr. Edward Liebow. Learn more (PDF).

AAA President Mullings Writes Letter to Editor of Forbes Magazine
President Mullings writes a letter to the Editor of Forbes Magazine in response to the article ranking Anthropology as one of the top ten worst college majors. Read the letter (PDF).

Anthropologists Approve Comprehensive Overhaul of Ethics Code
After a five-year review process, AAA members have approved a rigorous overhaul of their ethics code. Learn more (PDF).

AAA Announces Retirement of Long-Time Executive Director
William (Bill) Davis, who has held the position of Executive Director of the American Anthropological Association for 16 years, announced his intention to retire from the post early next year.
Learn more (PDF).

New Opportunities at AAA
AAA has two new job opportunities - seeking a new Executive Director and Professional Fellow. Learn more.

AAA Position on the Dissemination of Research
AAA Executive Board adopts motion in regard to the AAA position on dissemination of research. Learn more.

Webinar on Promotion & Tenure and Publications
Listen to the webinar - an illuminating conversation about the role of publications and tenure, evaluation standards, and the changing digital landscape of scholarly production. Click here for details.

Green Thumbs at AAA
Read about our attempts to protect the environment. Learn more.

AAA Journals Named Most-Cited in Anthropology
Six AAA journals were ranked by Journal Citation Reports as some of the most-cited journals within the discipline. Learn more.

AAA Executive Board Actions
In an effort to increase transparency and inform the membership, the AAA Executive Board is publishing a list of action items from their Winter 2009-Spring 2010 meeting. Learn more.

ASA Launches New Website
The Association of Senior Anthropologists has launched a new website and listserv as a resource for senior and retired anthropologists. Learn more.

RACE Exhibit Comes to Iowa
The RACE: Are We So Different? traveling exhibit will be on display in Des Moines at the Science Center of Iowa from May 1 through September 6. SCI is the exhibit's thirteenth venue as it tours the nation through 2014.  Learn more.

SEAA Launches New Website
The Society for East Asian Anthropology has launched a new website that highlights its commitment to discuss and promote information on topics related to the anthropology of the cultures of Asia and the Pacific Basin. Learn more.

"Inside the President's Studio" Podcast Launched
"Inside the President's Studio" is an interview series conducted by AAA President Virginia Dominguez with anthropologists about their ideas, research and passions. Learn more.

ABA Launches New Website
The Association of Black Anthropologists has launched a new website that features, among other things, articles, blogs and information about the rebuilding and anthropology of Haiti.  More here.

AAA to Hold Vote on Honduras Resolution
In order to provide a more democratic, transparent, and timely voting process, the AAA is posting background information prior to the Jan. 18th vote on the Honduras Resolution. Learn more here.

C-SPAN Airs 2009 Presidential Session on S. Ann Dunham
The recent AAA annual meeting featured a presidential session honoring the work of S. Ann Dunham, particularly the publication of her dissertation "Surviving Against the Odds." The panel will be aired on C-SPAN.  Learn more here.

AAA Provides Free Access to Historical Anthrosource Content
AAA has ungated over 85 years of historical Anthrosource content in am important move to broaden access to anthropological research. Learn more here.

AAA Debuts "Back In Print" Books Program
In response to member demand for out-of-print AAA books, we are please to announce the re-release of several AAA titles. Click here to learn more.

AAA Launches Levi-Strauss Blog Series
In recognition of Claude Levi-Strauss' award from the Smithsonian, the AAA has launched a series of short blog posts by anthropologists whose lives and work have been influenced by this theoretical giant.  Learn more here.

AAA Joins the Twitter Masses
AAA is now on Twitter, a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users' updates known as tweets.  To tweet with us click here.

American Anthropologist Launches "Public Anthropology Reviews"
AAA is pleased to announce the launch of "Public Anthropology Reviews," a new review section in American Anthropologist. Public Anthropology Reviews will highlight anthropological work principally aimed at non-academic audiences, including websites, blogs, white papers, journalistic articles, briefing reports, online videos, and multimedia presentations. Learn more at the AA submissions page >>

AAA Debuts New Blog Design
AAA is pleased to announce the debut of our new, unified association blog, available at It combines our previous Anthropology News, Public Affairs and Human Rights blogs, and provides a forum for news, announcements and anthropological discussion. Visit the new blog today! We welcome your feedback. Learn More >>

Ford Foundation Awards $450,000 Grant to RACE Project
Building on the initial grant of one million dollars, the Ford Foundation has awarded an additional two-year grant of $450,000 to the RACE Are We So Different? project to fund the development of a second RACE traveling exhibit and a companion book. Learn More >>