Members in the News

2009 Members in the News

William O. Beeman (U. Minnesota)
IRAN: Story of martyr Imam Hussein fires the protest drama
LA Times
December 29, 2009
Dr. Beeman reflects upon Iranian politics and the nation's founding myths.

Yolanda Moses (UC Riverside)
8 UC Riverside Faculty Honored as 2009 AAAS Fellows
UC Riverside Press
December 17, 2009

Yolanda Moses was named an AAAS Fellow for her work on race and racism in anthropology.

Elly Teman (U. Penn Hospital)
Surrogacy as a Path to Parenthood
NY Times
December 16, 2009
In this letter to the editor, Dr. Teman responds to an article published on surrogacy arrangements.

Gregory Button (U. Tennessee, Knoxville)
The TVA Ash Spill One Year Later: Lessons Learned
December 16, 2009
Dr. Button revisits an environmental disaster in Eastern Tennessee and the effects of TVA's failed response effort.

Alex Hinton (Rutgers)
Chasing Khmer Rouge's Ghosts
New York Times
November 30, 2009
AAA Member Alex Hinton comments on the closing arguments in the first trial of the Khmer Rouge tribunal.

Setha Low, president of AAA
Claude Levi-Strauss refugee who became France's most revered anthropologists, dead at 100
Associated Press
November 4, 2009
Commenting on the passing of the beloved French anthropologist, Setha Low states Levi-Strauss as one of the most "innovative and creative theorists that anthropology has ever produced."

Yolanda Moses (UC Riverside)
Los Angeles Exhibit focusing on Race Opens Saturday
Ventura County Star
October 2, 2009
Moses is interviewed about the RACE Project.

Yolanda Moses (UC Riverside)
Can Racism Be Unlearned
The Wave
October 1, 2009
Moses is interviewed about the RACE Project, and whether or not racism can be unlearned.

Joseph Jones (AAA RACE Project Manager), Yolanda Moses (UC Riverside)
RACE exhibit hits LA
Our Weekly
September 24, 2009
The importance of the RACE exhibit is discussed.

Robin Nagle (NYC Department of Sanitation, NYU)
How to Love a Landfill

July 1, 2009
Nagle explains why landfills  are necessary and significant in recording and understanding history.

William Beeman (U Minnesota)
Iran Test Long-Range Missiles
MPR News Q
September 28, 2009
Beeman is interviewed about Iran, it's nuclear program, and prospects for the future.

David Vine (American U), Catherine Lutz (Brown)
Engaging the Military
Inside Higher Education
September 21, 2009
David Vine's piece on HTS covers the considerable controversies surrounding the program.

Arthur Kleinman (Harvard), Allessandro Durranti (UCLA)
Swine Flu Upsets Rituals of Greeting
NY York Times
September 3, 2009
Kleiman and Durranti help explain how universal greetings have changed in response to the H1N1 virus.

Mark Turin (Cambridge U)
Dying Languages archived for future generations
Telegraph UK
August 24, 2009
Turin talks about his work as project leader of the World Oral literature Project, aimed to protect and safeguard the world's 6000 spoken languages.

Yolanda Moses (UC Riverside), Alan Goodman (Hampshire College), John Jackson Jr. (U Penn)
Gray Area
Philadelphia Inquirer
August 19, 2009
Racial discrimination in America and the possibility of color blindness
as a reality are discussed.

Roger Sanjek (Queens, CUNY)
Gray Panthers
Z Magazine
July 2009
Sanjek discusses the history and the mission of the Gray Panthers.

Micheal Dove (Yale)
Dreams From His Mother
NY Times
August 10, 2009
Dove remembers Ann Dunham Soetoro, as a friend, a collegue, and a forward thinking and perceptive anthropologist.

Nancy Scheper-Hughes, (Berkeley)
Nobody Cares About Organ Trafficking

July 24, 2009
Scheper Hughes' work uncovering the involvement and the eventual FBI arrest of rabbis trafficking organs  is discussed.

Karen Ho (U Minnesota)
An Anthropologist on What's Wrong with Wall Street
July 22, 2009
Ho explains the nature of Wall Street before and after the financial meltdown.

Arthur Kleinman (Harvard)
Bridging the Culture Gap
NY Times
July 16, 2009
Kleinman discusses how much a patient's cultural background can influence healthcare.

Anna Agbe-Davies (Depaul U), Christopher Fennell (U of illinois), Joe Watkins (U Oklahoma)
Time Team America
July 22nd premiere
This episode of Time Team America focuses on the first town planned and founded by an African American in the US.

Gregory Buttom (U Tenn Knoxville)
The Search for Environmental Justice in Perry County, Alabama
July 16, 2009
Button's op ed pieces explores TVA's controversial coal ash waste shipment to Perry Co, Alabama.

Eben Kirksey (U C Santa Cruz)
Indonesia's bleak record
St. Petersburg Times
July 6, 2009
Kirksey discusses new evidence implicating Indonesian president Yudhoyono in the coverup of a 2002 ambush that killed two US school teachers in West Papua.

Yolanda Moses (U C Riverside), Janice Hutchinson (U Houston)
RACE: Are WE So Different? An exhibition to help unlearn racism
Intermix UK
Moses and Hutchinson are both quoted encouraging the public to challenge popular misconceptions about race.

Alex Hinton (Rutgers U)
Legal Strategy Fails to Hide Torturer's Pride
The New York Times
June 20, 2009
Hinton, comments on Duch's mass torture , as it raises questions about how human beings become part of a project of mass murder

Philippe Bourgois (U Penn)
An Anthropologist Bridges Two Worlds

The Chronicle of Higher Education
June 12, 2009
Bourgois' study of urban poor- "gives a life and a voice" to homeless drug addicts in Philadelphia and San Francisco

Leland Searles (Air Quality Program Director, Iowa Environmental Council)
Get to Know....Leland (Lee) Searles
The Des Moines Register
June 15, 2009
Lee Searle's job coordinating air quality awareness in Iowa is profiled.

Yolanda Moses (U C Riverside), Janis Hutchinson (U  Houston)
On the subject of race: Exhibit opens at the Franklin
Philadelphia Daily News
May 31, 2009
Moses and Hutchinson were both interviewed about the Race Project, and race in America.

Alan Goodman (Hampshire College)
Professor Alan Goodman Appointed Interim Dean of Faculty
Hampshire News
May, 2009
Goodman, past president of AAA, and co-chair of RACE project, has been appointed interim vice president of academic affairs and dean of faculty of Hampshire College.

Lynn Stephen, (U of Oregon)
UO Professors and Students Launch Digital Ethnography website about the Oaxaca Social Movement in Mexico
Salem News

May 16, 2009
Stephen explains the conception of her digital ethnography project that allows views to hear the voices of those who participated and observed the Oaxaca social movement.

David Price (St. Martins U)
Anthropological Intelligence supports Military Occupation: Engineering "Trust of the Indigenous Population"
Global Research Centre
May 16th, 2009
Price discusses how HTS presents real ethical problems for anthropologists.

Gregory Anderson (Living Tongues Instite for Endangered Languages)
Salem linguist preserves endangered tongues
Statesman Journal
April 19, 2009
Anderson discussed his work- preserving endangered languages from disappearing.  This happens, on average, once every two weeks.

Brian Ferguson (Rutgers U)
Jewish legacy inscribed in Genes?
Los Angeles Times
April 20, 2009
Ferguson comments on collegues' excitement over the idea that genetics could explain behavioral differences among people, and warns this as a dangerous idea, and one that could not be proven.

Emilie Hitch (Olsen Marketing Agency)
Olsen's anthropologists bring meaning to marketing
Minneapolis Post
April 13, 2008
Forward-thinking marketing agency Olsen,  hiring Emilie Hitch as their first anthropologist, has gone on to successfully hire many more anthropologists to probe consumer thoughts and behavior.

Alex Hinton (Rutgers U)
From Khmer Rouge torturer to born-again Christian
Christian Science Monitor
April 6, 2009
Hinton discusses Khymer Rouge leader's conversion to christianity, and admission to guilt, and request for forgiveness.

Elizabeth Cashdan (U of Utah)
Is your career making you infertile?
Times London
April 12, 2009
Cashdan's research suggests that a modern lifestyles can affect hormones and body shape, damaging a woman's chance of conceiving.

Michael L. Wesch (Kansas State U)
10 High Fliers on Twitter
The Chronicle of Higher Education
April 10, 2009
Wesch, best know for his creative YouTube videos, was chosen by  The Chronicle to be among the top 10 higher-education twitterer's worth following.

Micheal Gurven (U California, Santa Barbara)
Chimpanzees exchange meat for sex
BBC News
April 7, 2009
Gurven, who studies hunter-gathers in South America, thinks there may be a direct link between hunting and reproduction highlighted by the study done on chimpanzees.

Alex Hinton (Rutgers U)
Khmer Rouge defendant: US policy benefited regime
The Associated Press
April 7, 2009
Hinton discusses the trial of former Khmer Rouge leaders, and reflects on US bearing some responsibility for the rise of the Khmer Rouge.

Shannen Lee Dawdy (U of Chicago)
Pirate Class at University of Chicago amongst most popular courses for spring
Chicago Tribune
March 18, 2009
Dawdy's "Intensive Study of Culture: Pirates" proves to be the most popular course for undergraduates this spring sememster, further validating the mainstreans obsession with pirates.

Hugh Gusterson (George Mason University)
Closing Military Bases
The Washington Post
March 22, 2009
Gusterson states that closing military foreign bases could save billions of dollars (in places these bases are no longer needed)

Mark Goodale (George Mason University)
Inter-American Relations Roiled
The Washington Post
March 13, 2009
Goodale creates a framework for understanding how the mistrust, opposition and strife taking place in Bolivia between the US Embassy and the the Bolivian government has been building for years.

Genevieve Bell (Intel), Jeanette Blomberg (Big Blue)
What Margaret Mead could teach techs
CNN Money
February 25, 2009
Bell and Blomberg discuss their roles as anthropologists working for tech firms.

Karen Ho (University of Minnesota)
Pay Dirt: Watching Wall Street
Minnepolis Star Tribune
March 8, 2009
Ho discusses her ehtnographic study of wallstreet culture  which turned into the research used for her upcoming book: Liquidating: An Ethnography of Wallstreet out this summer.

Catherine Lutz  (Brown U), Robert Rubenstein (Syracuse)
1 man's odyssey from campus to combat
The Houston Chronicle
March 7, 2009
Lutz and Rubenstein discuss government's attempt to make scholars part of the military's campaign.

Mark Goodale (George Mason U)
Radio New Zealand  Interview (Bolivian indigenous constitution)
March 8, 2009
Goodale discusses the meaning and implications of Bolivia's new indigenous constitution.

Cissy Fowler (Wofford College)
Colleges, Inglis' link up on environment
Spartanburg Herald Journal

February 5, 2009
Fowler speaks out about global warming and Inglis proposed carbon tax.

Nina Jablonski (Penn State U)
Footprints offer clue on path to modern man

Philadelphia Enquirer
Feb 27, 2009
Jablonski briefly explains the significance of the earliest known footprints of "modern" walkers.

Helen Fisher (Rutgers U)
Colbert Report Interview
The Colbert Report
February 23, 2009
Fisher discusses her new theory on matchmaking compatibility.

John L. Jackson Jr. (U Penn)
Much Empty Talk About Race- Op Ed

Philadelphia Enquirer
Feb 24, 2009
Jackson writes about American cowardice when it comes to discussing racial issues.

Alex Hinton (Rutgers U)
Is justice possible for Cambodia? I
Is justice possible for Cambodia? II
CNN (France)
February 18, 2009
Hinton discusses the trail of former Khymer Rouge leaders, and debates whether the Cambodian government may still have ties to former Khymer Rouge members.

Catherine Lutz (Brown University), Dena Plemmons,(UCSD), Terence Turner (Cornell)
Anthropologists Adopt New Language Against Secret Research
The Chronicle of Higher Ed
Februrary 19, 2009
AAA Ethics code is discussed, and Lutz asks tough questions about military funding in universities and the major impact it has made.

Dena Plemmons (UCSD), Damon Dozier (AAA), Terence Turner (Cornell), Hugh Gusterson (GMU)
Inside Higher Ed
February 19, 2009
The implications and results of the ethics code vote are discussed in this article.
Helen Fisher (Rutgers University)
National Geographic News
February 17, 2009
Fisher discusses her biological theories on kissing. personality tests to measure universal temperments is also discussed.
Sally Engle Merry (New York U)
Boston Globe
Feb 12, 2009
Merry remembers Paula Lloyd, who recently passed away following a violent attack by a local man in Afghanistan while serving in the HTS program.
Johnetta Cole (Smithsonian National Musuem of African Art)
Feb 10, 2009
Article discusses Coles accomplishments leading up to her appointment at the Smithsonian.
Agustin Fuentes (U of Notre Dame)
Jan 22, 2009
Fuentes comments and critiques Steve Pinker's determination that genes greatly influence our behavior.
Jill Pruetz (Iowa State University)
Jan 29, 2009
National Geographics News Watch
Pruetz jumps on a plane to Senegal to successfully return a captured baby fongali chimp to it's mother.
Trudy Griffin Pierce (U of Arizona, Tuscon)
Life stories: Navajo culture, beliefs were her inspiration
Feb 2, 2009
Arizona Daily Star
Article written in honor of the memory of the Trudy Griffin Pierce who touched so many lives in the course of her own.
Roberto J. Gonzalez (San Jose State U)
Jan 29, 2009
Inside Higher Ed
Gonzalez strongly critiques the HTS concept in its historical and contemporary contexts.
Helen Fisher ( consultant)
Jan 27, 2009
20/20 ABC
Fisher explores the brain chemistry behind romantic love.
Fernando Coronil (UofNY)
Yours, Mine, Ours, or Theirs? Accessing and controlling  oil and water.
Jan 27, 2009
Chicago public Radio, WBEZ 91.5fm
Coronil explores ownership and stewardship of oil and water globally
Liam Murphy (CSU), Rob Albro (American U)David Price(St.Martin's U), Dave Matsuda (Cal State, East Bay)
Jan 15th, 2009
Times Higher Education
Anthropologists working with the military in war zones are discussed from both sides of the argument.
Faye Harrison (U of Florida)
First lady more than a figurehead to admirers
Jan 18th 2009 News
Harrison discusses Michelle Obama's role in breaking stereotypes of black women in America.
Alan Goodman (Hampshire College)
Jan 15, 2009
North East Public Radio
Goodman discusses racial inequalities in the American health care system.
Nancy Scheper-Hughes (Uof C, Berkeley)
Jan 10th, 2009
Scheper-Hughes reveals the reality of organ trafficking with extensive investigative proof.
Joseph Jones (AAA RACE Project Director)
Are We So Different?
Jan. 11th 2009
Cincinnati Enquirer
Joseph Jones discusses the overall goals of the RACE Project
Brian R. Selmeski (Air Force Culture & Language Center)
Jan. 9th, 2009
Inside Higher Ed
Selmeski explains the why the Air Force is hiring more Anthropologists.