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AAA President Speaks on Public Spaces & Cultural Diversity

AAA President Setha Low was interviewed in a April 2008 in U.S. News and AAA President Setha LowWorld Report about her research on public spaces from the 2005 book, Rethinking Urban Parks: Public Space & Cultural Diversity, co-authored by Low, Dana Taplin and Suzanne Scheld.

In the interview, Low discussed the importance of design, preservation of history and planned programming in urban parks to foster an inclusive and heterogeneous environment where diverse social and cultural groups can interact. She also commented on financial challenges for parks, some cities with great parks, and her fondness of Prospect Park, near her home in Brooklyn.

Setha Low, president of the American Anthropological Association (2007-2009), is Professor of Environmental Psychology and Anthropology and Director of the Public Space Research Group at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

Low's research interests include the anthropology of space and place, cultural aspects of design, housing and community development, gated communities and landscapes of fear, security post 9/11, cultural conservation and historic preservation, public space, medical anthropology, social distress and illness, qualitative research methods and ethnography. For more information about her research and publications, click here.

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