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Paul Stoller is interviewed in this major CNN documentary Inside Africa, Oct. 7, 2002

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AAA member Amy Mundorff is hailed by CNN in their In-Depth Special as a Hero in America Remembers Sept. 9, 2002

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Why Childhood? John Bock was interviewed on NPR's The Connection, Aug 19, 2002

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Canada's National Post series co-authored by Nancy Scheper Hughes:
Organ theft extends its tentacles
- April 2, 2002
Europe's poorest sell their kidneys
- March 29, 2002
'Doctor Vulture' - March 30, 2002

Notes From Fayetteville; North Carolina Under Friendly Fire - By Catherine Lutz ( Op-Ed ) NYT March 8, 2002

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Consuming Rituals of the Suburban Tribe - by Lawrence Osborne, January 13, 2002, New York Times