Members in the News

Guidelines for posting “Members in the News”

Submissions for the “Members in the News” feature are welcome from all current members of AAA*. Deadline for submission is one week after the publication or broadcast of the news item. Advance submissions are strongly encouraged.

Members are limited to one submission per month. However, you may cite up to three news articles, programs or op-eds you’ve been featured in or on or had published in your submission.

Please include the following in your submission:

  • Name with title or other identifier (e.g. “John Doe, professor of anthropology at University of the United States…”, “Jane Doe, archaeologist specializing in Great Basin cultures…”)
  • Name/headline of the article or program you were featured in or the headline of the opinion or editorial (op-ed) you wrote
  • Name of the publication it ran in or the name of the program and TV or radio network it ran on
  • Date it appeared or ran
  • For print publications (newspapers and magazines), what page it appeared on
  • A live link to where the article or clip can be accessed on the Web, if applicable
  • An e-mail or phone number that the Members in the News editor can use to contact you with any questions

Email all submissions to Jennifer Steffensen, Media Relations Associate at

What you can expect
A short paragraph describing your appearance in the media will be posted. When applicable, a link will be included that goes directly to the article or program clip you appeared in. Please note that most media outlets update their Web content frequently, and most often, links will expire after two weeks. Links that become dead will be removed, but the original paragraph of information will remain. If a link becomes dead before we are able to post the submission, the link will not be posted.

If your submission involves a radio or television item, we will link to clips available on the broadcaster’s Web site. Please note that not all networks make clips available, and we do not yet have the Web capability to create, post or Podcast clips on our site.

Op-Ed Articles
We also welcome op-ed submissions written by members. We are unable to post the content of op-eds in their entirety at this time due to new questions regarding copyright.

While we try to be as inclusive as possible, publication of submissions is at the discretion of the “Members in the News” editor. The feature’s content should be considered a selection of what is available in the news media about our members and the field of anthropology.

Consideration can be based on newsworthiness or prominence of the item submitted, volume of submissions in a given week, adherence to submission criteria, and technical and staffing limitations. Submissions relating to material that is libelous, infringes on copyright or constitutes a violation of other laws will not be accepted.

For more information about “Members in the News” and submissions, please contact Jennifer Steffensen, Media Relations Associate, at 703-528-1902, ext. 3039, or

*Current membership is required to be considered for inclusion in “Members in the News.” Submissions will not be accepted from non- or lapsed** AAA members. However, if you do join or renew your membership, subsequent submissions will be accepted, and you may retroactively submit news items that are no more than one month old. To check the currency of your membership, please contact Member Services online or by calling 703-528-1902, ext. 303. For further questions, please contact the media relations associate.

**Please note that situations may arise where a news item quotes multiple current members and lapsed members. In these instances, to avoid confusion, the MIN editor may elect to note the lapsed member's inclusion in the item as follows in this example: “Past member Jane Doe was mentioned in the article.”