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Participate in the UN Forum on Indigenous Issues
Join the United Nations for a dialogue about indigenous people.  Visit here for more information about how to participate.

Upcoming Vote on Proposed Changes to the AAA Code of Ethics
The AAA membership at large will vote on the proposed changes to the Code of Ethics.  The AAA EB subcommittee recommended six changes to the ethics code.  Details are available here.

Task Force Members Named for Comprehensive Ethics Review
Nine AAA members have been elected to conduct an extensive two-year review of the ethics code.  Please click here for additional details.

Proposed Changes to the AAA Code of Ethics
AAA President Setha Low announced in September that a number of AAA members, groups, commissions, committees, and the Exectuive Board voted to adopt changes to the association's Code of Ethics and forward them to the membership at large for a vote.  For detailed information about the changes, please click here.

AAA Public Policy Survey
Last spring, AAA members were asked to participate in a short survey sent from the AAA Department of Public Affairs. We are very appreciative of your comments, suggestions and feedback. To view the survey results, click here. To read the survey summary, click here.

AAA Promotes Humanities on the Hill
Executive Director Bill Davis and Director of Public Affairs Damon Dozier represented the American Anthropological Association (AAA) at the 7th annual Humanities Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill, March 3 – 4. Humanities Advocacy Day is a two-day opportunity for educators, scholars and other professionals to promote federal support for research, education and public programs in the humanities. As in past years, the AAA co-sponsored the event. Learn more!

AAA Launches Public Affairs Blog and Podcast!
For updates on news in the association and information about AAA Public Affairs, visit the AAA Public Affairs blog, or tune into our bi-weekly podcast on iTunes.

Policy Briefs: A New Public Policy Resource
The AAA Committee on Public Policy is proud to introduce a new informational resource for the public policy community: The AAA Policy Brief. AAA Policy Briefs address policy issues and initiatives from an anthropological perspective, examining the insights that contemporary anthropological research contributes to policy discourse. These theme-focused briefs do not take a position on public policy issues. Instead, they introduce the reader to anthropological knowledge that is necessary for making fully-informed policy decisions.

Policy Brief #1 addresses a labor policy issue, specifically the right of employees to organize unions as outlined by the Employee Free Choice Act (H.R. 800, S. 1041). If you are interested in contributing to a future Policy Brief or in suggesting a future topic, please contact the Department of Public Affairs.

Read Policy Brief #1

For more information, please contact Damon Dozier, Director of Public Affairs at 703-528-1902 ext. 3008 or