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Annual Meeting Press Registration

Registration Open!

Credentialed working journalists will be provided complimentary press registration to cover the American Anthropological Association's 114th Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado November 18-22, 2015.

Please read the AAA Press Credentials Policy before submitting your registration.

To register for press credentials:

please send the following information to

First Name:   

Last Name: 







Zip Code:   



Registration prior to the meeting is strongly recommended.

On-site press registrants will be asked to provide verification of editorial status. Accepted credentials include a business card from a news media outlet, a recent bylined article, or a letter of assignment from a media organization.

AAA Press Credentials:

Organizations will be allowed to secure up to two, non-transferable AAA Press Badges per organization provided the person securing the accreditation is a verified freelancer (blogger or otherwise)  or staff member of a news organization.  The news organization must have a circulation, listenership or viewership beyond the AAA’s internal staff and membership, and applicants must provide evidence supporting this verification when submitting their application form, including a copy of the publication (if applicable).

  • Press credentials to cover AAA meetings will be granted to journalists employed by accredited news organizations attending the meeting for the purpose of editorial coverage. 
  • Journalists who have press credentials such as a press club badge should bring these credentials upon arrival for registration to the AAA Press Office. We welcome reporters, editors, writers, syndicated bloggers, photographers and videographers. 
  • Journalists who do not have press credentials, such as freelancers, should provide a letter of assignment from the publication or broadcast outlet for which the journalist is covering the meeting or submit recent samples of their work with the journalist's byline along with appropriate identification.  

  • We will issue credentials only to editorial staff. Publishers of books and magazines and advertising and marketing representatives of publications and broadcast outlets will not be registered as press. 

  • Companies or organizations producing publications, videos and/or other products intended for marketing, advertising, financial analysis or public relations purposes may not register as press. Financial analysts, public relations personnel and/or individuals from communications, print and online promotion services may register as regular attendees. Information regarding press registrants is proprietary. AAA does not give, rent or sell current or past press registration lists.
  • Writers for online media outlets may register as press, provided that: the website provides original, editorial news coverage; editorial content is independent of advertising and sponsorship; advertising on the website is clearly identifiable as such; any sponsors of the website are clearly identified as such and are multiple in number, i.e., no single-sponsored websites. Personal websites will not qualify for press credentials.

  • Bloggers must provide the URL of the blog for which they are writing prior to registering for press credentials, and supply examples of posts that demonstrate recent coverage of anthropological topics. AAA reserves the right to grant bloggers press credentials on a case-by-case basis.

  • AAA encourages the use of social media before, during, and after the annual meeting. Please respect the wishes of individual presenters if they ask that information or photos from their presentation not be shared.

Formal Notification of Accreditation: 

Persons accepted for press accreditation will be notified at least one week prior to the Annual Meeting (Wednesday, November 11, 2015).  Credentials and name badges will be located in the Press Room (AAA staff at the registration desk will notify members of the press of the location) and must be obtained and prominently displayed before entering any AAA activity.  

Persons not accepted for press accreditation will be notified up to one week prior to the conference (Wednesday, November 11, 2015) and will be denied access as credentialed press to the conference. 

Journalists who have secured accreditation may pick up their credentials between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, November 18, through Saturday, November 21.  Walk-ups will also be honored.  Journalists must come in person to register and must present press identification bearing a photograph.

American Anthropological Association Media Relations Contacts: 

Anne Kelsey, Marketing & Communications Manager

Jeff Martin, Director of Communications & Public Affairs

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