Press Room

AAA Press Office

The AAA Press Office offers resources to help members promote their work and share anthropological knowledge with public audiences. For media relations assistance, please contact Damon Dozier at, or call 703-528-1902 ext. 1163.

Media Relations Guide

The AAA has prepared a comprehensive guide titled, "Anthropology & Media: A (Nearly) Pain-Free Guide to Working with the Press." The guide is available here.

The following the six tipsheets included in the guide: 

  • Is it News?- Includes a series of questions to help you determine whether your item is newsworthy and promotable.
  • Making Contact- Tips on identifying press to promote your news to.
  • Writing Press Releases- Guidelines for crafting a professional press release.
  • Press Release Starter - A template of standard elements to help get you started on pulling your release together, plus a sample press release.
  • Interviewing - Pointers on handling interviews, including those for TV and radio; how to handle "off the record" situations; how to decline to comment; and post-interview tips.
  • Editorial Options- Explains opinion and commentary opportunities worth exploring.

Additional Resources

The following is a list of Web-based content - created by AAA and others - that offers further advice and insights about the media: