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Casting common sense in new light by making the familiar seem strange and the strange seem familiar is a venerable strategy used across anthropology's subfields. It can denaturalize taken-for-granted frames and expand the horizons of students and public alike. But useful as this process of estrangement and familiarization can be, it can lapse into exoticism through "us/them" comparisons that veil historical and contemporary relations of power and powerlessness within and across societies, begging the question of the normative templates (of the "West," of "whiteness") that lurk behind. As an orienting theme for the 2015 Denver meeting of the AAA, we invite proposals for Executive Program Committee sponsorship (sessions, forums, special events, installations or media submissions) that press us to grapple with how and why this strategy proves both productive and obstructive, considering  what it simultaneously opens up and 'nails down.' We particularly seek proposals that bring together and foster dialogue among sub-fields as we scrutinize the multiple uses and effects of this durable anthropological 'way of knowing.'

All participants must have a membership (or have obtained a membership exemption) and registration to the 2015 AAA Annual Meeting by April 15 for proposals to be considered. Failure to submit a complete proposal online by April 15 will result in an automatic rejection. Participants may only: (1) present one paper/poster, or serve as a participant on roundtable or Installation and (2) accept no more than one discussant role elsewhere on the program. An individual may serve as organizer or chair of an unlimited number of sessions. The policy of one major presentation plus one discussant role will be strictly enforced. Refunds Requests for refunds or cancellations must be made in writing. Prior to the April 15, 2015 deadline, proposals may be withdrawn by sending an email to Between April 16, 2015, and October 15, 2015, a written refund request will be subject to a $25 administrative fee, except for persons who submitted a proposal that was not accepted for the final program. Program participant registration fees are non-refundable; cancellations will not be accepted nor refunds issued. No refunds will be granted for requests received after October 15, 2015. Under no circumstances will AAA issue refunds for no-shows.  Badge sharing, splitting, and reprints are strictly prohibited. If you registered as a non-member with a membership requirement exemption and decide to join AAA, the registration conversion can be accommodated within 30 days of the original transaction.
Submission Portal- The submission portal is the starting point for proposals.  The portal will list any roles for the 2015 Annual meeting.  In the portal you can review, delete, edit any of your current proposals till April 15.  The link to the portal is

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