Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference (EPIC)

EPIC 2015 conference logo

EPIC is the premier international gathering on the current and future practice of ethnography and design in the business world. 

EPIC people create better business strategies, processes and products, as well as enhance people’s lives, by illuminating the arc of social change through theory and practice. Our conference is a diverse gathering of interdisciplinary scholars and practitioners from every industry, including Fortune-500 companies, technology firms, management consultancies and design studios, universities and NGOs, public policy organizations and think tanks. Through the formal program and informal networking opportunities, EPIC attendees share leading expertise, gain new knowledge and skills, find business partners and opportunities, and make the invaluable connections that have grown EPIC into an essential, year-round community. 

Conference submissions go through a rigorous, double blind-peer review process and are published in open access proceedings accessible through AnthroSource and

EPIC2015 will be held in São Paulo, Brazil, October 5–8, 2015. 

EPIC2016 will be held in Minneapolis, MN.