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Proposal Submission Types

Executive Sessions
Proposals Due: February 17
The 2015 AAA Executive Program Committee, in association with AAA President Monica Heller, will select a small number of executive sessions that speak directly to the conference theme and serve to engage the broad constituency of anthropologists and our interlocutors. We particularly encourage proposals that draw out anthropology's shifting place in the world in the widest sense: conceptual, political, social, economic. Such sessions can be traditional panels with papers, but we also encourage these to take different formats (e.g. roundtables). The Executive Session proposals (and these proposals only) should be submitted by Noon February 17.

Section Invited Sessions
Proposals Due: April 15
Each AAA Section is responsible for the organization of one or more innovative, synthesizing sessions intended to reflect the state-of-the-art and the thematic concerns in the major subfields. Members should work closely with the section program editors when planning invited sessions. Session seeking invited status will follow the same submission format as all AAA submissions. Invited status will be awarded during the general review period after the April 15 submission deadline. To submit a proposal for an invited session, go to and follow the links to the call for papers. A session abstract of up to 500 words is required. Participants are bound by the rules of the meeting and must submit final abstracts, meeting registration forms and fees via by April 15.

Volunteered Sessions
Proposals Due: April 15
All sessions must be submitted online at The organizer must select one appropriate section for review. If accepted, the volunteered session will be listed as part of the reviewing section's program. The program committee strongly urges members to contact and work closely with section program editors and to follow the guidelines:

  • The organizer is responsible for articulating the session theme and relevance in the session abstract. Each paper should reflect the session's concept. Poorly integrated groupings are subject to revision or distribution of papers to other sessions.
  • Session presentations, discussion periods and breaks must be included in the proposal at the time of submission. A maximum of 15 minutes will be allotted for any single paper presentation, discussant, break or discussion period.
  • Papers within a proposed session will be evaluated individually. Organizers should be prepared for the possibility that some proposed papers may be rejected and others substituted or added.
  • LCD projectors will be provided for each scholarly session on the AAA program. Laptop computers will NOT be provided. Audiovisual equipment must be operated by the participant. No changes to the original audiovisual order submitted online may be made after April 15.
  • Every participant included in the proposal, including paper presenters, roundtable presenters, chairs, discussants and organizers must be registered to attend the Annual Meeting by April 15 to appear in the program.
  • Organizers must limit proposals to one session, with a total scheduled time of 1 hour and 45 minutes (105 minutes).
  • All paper or poster presentation proposals must be submitted via the AAA website.

To submit a session, go to and follow the links to the call for papers. A session abstract of up to 500 words is required. Meeting registration forms and fees must be submitted for each participant. Submission deadline is 5:00 pm EST (10:00 pm GMT) April 15.


Individually Volunteered Papers and Posters
Proposals Due: April 15
The program committee welcomes the submission of individual papers and posters independent from organized sessions. For evaluation purposes, the author of each individually volunteered paper and poster must select one appropriate section for the review process. To submit an individually volunteered paper or poster, go to and follow the links to the call for papers. A paper or poster abstract of up to 250 words is required. Proposals must be accompanied by the meeting registration fee. Deadline is 5:00 pm EST (10:00 pm GMT) April 15. Accepted volunteered papers and posters will be grouped by the section program editors into sessions around a common topic or theme. A maximum of 15 minutes will be allotted for each paper presentation.


Retrospective Sessions
Proposals Due: April 15
Retrospective sessions are new to the AAA Annual Meeting Program in 2015. Retrospective Sessions are intended to highlight career contributions of established leading scholars (for example, on the occasion of their retirement or significant anniversary). To submit a proposal for an invited session, go to and follow the links to the call for papers. A session abstract of up to 500 words is required. Participants are bound by the rules of the meeting and must submit final abstracts, meeting registration forms and fees via by April 15.

Public Policy Forums
Proposals Due: April 15
AAA's public policy forums provide a place to discuss critical social issues affecting anthropology, public policy issues of interest to anthropologists, and public policy issues that could benefit from anthropological knowledge or expertise. They engage panelists (who may or may not be anthropologists) and audience members in a discussion of public policy issues to enhance the application of anthropological knowledge in society at large. Recognizing that there are diverse perspectives on panel topics, public policy forums seek to present balanced views to promote dialogue among participants. Ideally, at least one policymaker will be included in each forum. No papers are presented in public policy forums. The ideal format includes a moderator and no more than seven panelists. Following introductions, the moderator proceeds to pose questions to panelists as a group or individually. Adequate time should be set aside at the end of each forum for audience participation. Generally, each public policy forum is scheduled for 105 minutes. Since the dual purpose of the forum is to maximize discussion of policy issues among the panelists and the audience, it is recommended the forum be structured as follows: introduction (15 minutes); moderator-posed questions and answers (60 minutes); and audience questions and comments (30 minutes). To submit a public policy forum, go to and follow the links to the call for papers. In the submission area, select "public policy forum" under the session option. Refer your proposal to the AAA Committee on Public Policy for review, not a section. When you complete the Session Structure Form, identify the moderator and potential panelists and note that your time allotment is 1 hour and 45 minutes. Submit an abstract of 500 words describing the public policy issue to be discussed. The deadline for forum submissions is 5:00 pm EST (10:00 pm GMT) April 15.

Media Submissions
Proposals Due: April 15
As in the past, the Society for Visual Anthropology will select a jury of anthropologists and film scholars to decide which submissions to include in the festival and which among those will receive awards. SVA continues to welcome interactive media work and also encourages short work that is under 15 minutes. DVD formats are acceptable. Submitted materials will not be returned. Please check the SVA website in early February for submission details, including additional information on preferred formats. Submission deadline is April 15. Award winners will be notified in the summer and clips of award-winning films may be placed on SVA's website. For more information see the Society for Visual Anthropology's website at

Special Events
Proposals Due: April 15
Special Events are business meetings, committee and board meetings, workshops, food and beverage functions, which will be scheduled as part of the special events program and are the responsibility of the executive office. To avoid conflicts with scientific sessions, most special events are limited to 1.25 hours and are scheduled during the times 12:15–1:30 pm and after 6:00 pm. To submit a special event proposal, go to the AAA homepage. Follow the links to the call for papers. Workshop proposals must be submitted online by April 15. First priority in the assignment of time and space will be given to AAA and Section business, board and committee meetings. Other special events will be accommodated to the degree possible. For events sponsored by organizations other than AAA Sections, there is an administrative fee of $500 to cover costs of arrangements and inclusion in the program. The Special Events Program will not accommodate panels, papers or professional presentations that belong on the scientific program. To be listed in the meeting program, special event proposals must be accompanied by administrative fees at the time of submission.

Proposals Due: April 15

Installations (a remix and rebirth of "InnoVents" and "Salons" introduced to the AAA Annual Meetings program in recent years) invite anthropological knowledge off the beaten path of the written conference paper. Like work shared in art venues, presentations selected as part of the AAA Installations program will draw on movement, sight, sound, smell, and taste to dwell on the haptic and engage AAA members and meeting attendees in a diverse world of the senses. Presenters may propose performances, recitals, conversations, author-meets-critic roundtables, salon reading workshops, oral history recording sessions and other alternative, creative forms of intellectual expression for consideration. Selected Installations will be curated for off-site exhibition and tied to the official AAA conference program. Successful proposals will offer attendees an opportunity to learn from a range of vested interests not typically encountered or easily found on the traditional AAA program. Installations are meant to disrupt who and what we tend to see at the Annual Meetings, helping attendees encounter new people and to do different kinds of things at the intersections of anthropological arts, sciences, and cultural expression.

Section Invited and Volunteered Roundtables
Proposals Due: April 15

The roundtable provides a format to discuss critical social issues effecting anthropology. No papers are presented in this format. The organizer will submit an abstract for the roundtable but participants will not present papers or submit abstracts. A roundtable presenter is a major role, having the same weight as a paper presentation. All organizers and roundtable presenters must register.

2015 Important Dates



January 15

Online abstract submission system opens for executive sessions only

February 17

Deadline for executive session proposals online here

February 18

Online abstract submission system opens for all proposal types

March 18

Decisions on executive sessions announced

April 15

Proposal deadline for all sessions, individual paper and poster presentations here. To be included in the 2015 AAA Annual Meeting program, participants must be registered by this date.

April 16–May 31

Section program editors review and rank proposals

May 22

Proposal deadline for Special Events program

June 1–15

AAA Executive Program Committee schedules program

July 1–15

Program decisions emailed to applicants
Annual Meeting Program, registration and hotel information are posted online

November 18-22

2015 AAA Annual Meeting in Denver


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