Slideshow: Submitting a Proposal to the AAA Annual Meeting


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Search to see if you have a record in our database.


Select your name from the list.


If you are not a AAA member but meet the eligibility criteria listed below you may request a waiver of the AAA membership requirement however you must pay non-member meeting registration fees.


If you are a member but your membership has expired you will receive a notice and will be able to renew.


If you are a current member you will be able to start the paper proposal process.


After selecting above, click Continue to register and pay for the meeting.


After registering and paying you will be directed back to the main menu where you will see that your registration status has changed to “Registered” and will be able to continue to submit a proposal. Please see individual, numbered areas below for instructions.

Submitting Proposals:


1 a.  Submitting an “Invited Session” follow the same steps as a Volunteered Session (#2) but confirm your invited status by providing the email address given by the inviting Section.


1 b. Continue to Step 2, adding the participants (see 2 b-f below).


2 a. Submitting a Volunteered Session (page 1 of 2): Add information.


2 b. Step 2 of 2. Submitting a Volunteered Session, select paper presenters, discussants, organizers and chairs. You must fill in all the slots to continue. Use either “BREAK” or “DISCUSSION” to hold a spot for a participant who has not yet registered or agreed.


2 c. Adding a participant to a session, start by looking up the participant.


2 d. Choose a name from the results list.


2 e. They will appear in the role in which you have assigned them:


2 f. Participant isn’t on the list?

Can't find the person you are looking for? Participants must be AAA members (or have received a waiver of this requirement). Therefore, if you can not find the person you are looking for, you will need to contact them and instruct them to either join or request a waiver (if applicable) before you can add them to your session. You may place a "discussion" or a "break" in their spot to hold their place and return to add them to your session after they have submitted the necessary information.


2.g. Completing and saving your submission.


3 a.  Submitting an Invited Roundtable. Enter information in Step 1.


3 b. Complete Step 2, adding the participants (see 2 b- f above).


4 a. Submitting an Inno-Vent, complete information in Step 1.


4 b. Inno-Vent Step 2 of 2 – add presenters and other participants (see 2 c-f).


5 a. Submitting a Volunteered Paper or Poster, Step 1 of 2, enter information on the paper.


5 b. Submitting a Volunteered Paper/Poster, Step 2 of 2: enter co-authors if applicable (see 2 c-f):


6 a. Submitting a Film, Video or Multimedia Screening: You will first be asked to pay for the submission:


6 b. After paying you will receive a receipt and can continue to submit the proposal.


6 c. Submit all information regarding the film.


6 d. After submitting the information you will receive a Proposal Processing Complete message.


7 a. Submitting a Special Event, First step you will be asked to pay if the event is not sponsored by a AAA section or interest group. If you are, then the administrative fee is not required at this time.


7 b. Step 1 of 2: enter details of the Special Event.


7 c. Special Events can also have optional chairs and co-organizers include Board Meeting, Committee Meeting, Cash (no-host) bar, Organizing Meeting, Business Meeting, Reception and “How To” Event (see 2 c-f).


7 d. Special Event “Panels” also require panelists and discussion time to be added (see 2 c-f).


8 a. Submitting a Workshop Proposal: enter details of event


8 b. Submit participants for the workshop or use “Break” to hold a slot for them (see 2 c-f).
















After successfully submitting any proposal you will receive this message:


To Edit Your Proposal, log in again and the information on your proposed section will be at the top of the Main Menu. You may make edits until April 1.


If you have problems or questions call 1-866-953-4016 between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. PST for assistance.