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Paper Information:
Type: Paper
Author: M NELL QUEST (Rutgers University)   
Date/Time: Thu., 8:45 AM
Co-Author(s): M NELL QUEST (Rutgers University) 
Abstract: In the port city of Marseille, France, the movement of people, goods, and ideas across land- and seascapes has long been a central organizational feature of sociocultural and political economic life. Within anthropology, in recent years circulation has emerged as a conceptual framework that attends to the prevalence and centrality of movements, whether of ideas, goods, people, or practices. Yet theoretically, it remains challenging to represent and analyze some movements without presenting other aspects of life falsely as fixed, unchanging backgrounds. Methodologically, it remains difficult to access movements through time and space, and constantly shifting engagements with social and material worlds, without resorting to oversimplified notions of social position and bounded subjects. Too often, ethnographers allow linguistic descriptions of movement to stand in for people's felt experiences of their material, moving bodies. This paper addresses some of these challenges by analyzing senses-based participatory walking tours conducted in the context of an intensive 'renewal' effort to reorganize Marseille's urban landscape. I ask how, in a time of intensive change in the material environment, the daily, embodied movements of local populations becomes a si