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Session Information:
This session may be of particular interest to:  Practicing and Applied Anthropologists     Teachers of Anthropology in Community Colleges     Students  Students
Program Number: 4-0750
Type: Invited Roundtable Session
Session Sponsor: American Ethnological Society
Society for Cultural Anthropology
Session Date/Time: Sat., 1:45 PM-5:30 PM
Organizer(s): BRACKETTE WILLIAMS (University of Arizona), RICHARD PRICE (College of William & Mary) 
Chair(s): RICHARD PRICE (College of William & Mary) 
2:00 PM: SALLY PRICE (College of William & Mary) -- Laundering the Past: Power and the Production of Exhibitions  
2:15 PM: YARIMAR BONILLA (University of Virginia) -- The Retrospective Significance of Slavery  
2:30 PM: VIRANJINI MUNASINGHE (Cornell University) -- Taking Exception: "History," Hyper-Colonial Exploitation, and the Transparent Caribbean  
2:45 PM: STEPHAN PALMIE' (University of Chicago) -- Historical Knowledge and Its Conditions of Impossibility  
3:00 PM: SAMUEL MARTINEZ (University of Connecticut-Storrs) -- "North Atlantic Universals" and Colonial Historical Particulars: Global Commodities Through the Lens of Human Rights Representation  
3:30 PM: PATRICIA TORRES-MEJIA (Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropologia Social) -- Corporation: Peasant Capital Formation Strategy, Locality, and Relations in the Global Order  
3:45 PM: CHARLES CARNEGIE (Bates College) -- Moments of Hegemonic Disruption in the Formation of State and Nation  
4:00 PM: ESPELENCIA BAPTISTE (Kalamazoo College) -- Negotiating Crisis: The Haitian State and Nation After the Earthquake  
4:15 PM: GINA ULYSSE (Wesleyan University) -- Alter(ed)native (II): On the Native as Interlocutor  
4:30 PM: DIANE AUSTIN-BROOS (University of Sydney) -- Return to the Savage Slot: Aboriginal Authenticity, Australian Anthropology and the Neglect of History  
4:45 PM: DREXEL WOODSON -- The Value of Disagreement  
5:00 PM: DISCUSSANT: GREG BECKETT (University of Chicago)  
5:30 PM: End of Session
Abstract: Teachers, colleagues, and students of Michel-Rolph Trouillot reflect on his intellectual moves from pounds of coffee to motion in the system; from hands of bananas to a storehouse of thoughts on peasant capital formation in the global order; from a Kreyòl history to silencing the past; from the miracle of creolization to natives speaking back to the savage slot, from the state as product of struggle to its might pitted against the nation; from post-Enlightenment universals to the erasure of histories of violence that make them imaginable, and from culture as isolated pattern to cultures as an interdisciplinary feast for race. Across the generations, through their work, these panelists assess the challenges that Trouillot’s work poses for twenty-first-century anthropology. The introduction will include reading a statement from Dr. Trouillot, who will be present for the discussion.


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