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Tips and Schedule for
Employers Placing Job Ads

1.Schedule for Placement Ads - On-line ads will be active on our career center within 24 hours of posting.  So, if you post the job with us right now, it will be on-line and viewable by job candidates within 24 hours. An e-mail will also go out to interested job seekers announcing your position. 

If at any time during this process you have a question or problem, you can contact customer support 703-528-1902 x1177.

Your ad will be sent via job agent to potential candidates.  On average, the Career Center pro-active email system sent each job to 161.61 Career Center job seekers.

On average, Career Center jobseekers sent each job placed at to 16.97 friends.

You will also gain immediate access to our library of over 1,000 CVs.  You can search these CVs using keywords from your position description, language ability, or geographic location.

If you want your ad to appear in the paper edition of Anthropology News, you will find the publication deadlines below.  

Beginning January 2013, Anthropology News will be bi-monthly and will appear 6 times per year. 

Note**  Due date for PRINT ads is two months prior to the month of print. 

If you submit your ad by
It is on-line
It will appear in print
November1 Immediately January/February Issue
January 3 Immediately March/April Issue
March 1 Immediately May/June Issue
May 1
Immediately July/August Issue
July 1
Immediately September/October Issue
September 1
Immediately November/December Issue

You may choose to run your ad for 30, 60 or 90 days. While posting the ad, you will be asked if you want the ad to appear in print. If you want the ad to appear in print, it will run in the next available issue(s) of Anthropology News,  You may select as many months in print as you have on line but you can choose fewer, too.  For example, many clients want only one month in Anthropology News, but three months on line.  You can do this.  You select options using a "radio" button."  .  Note - Anthropology News is not published in June, July or August.

2. Fees - Ads are charged a flat rate. Pricing is shown in the tables below. Department Service Program members are given a discount for ad placement. See Department Service Program page for a description of the program and a listing of other benefits. DSP enrollment is effective for one year with an annual renewal schedule. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact the Department of Academic Relations, at 703-528-1902 ext. 1181 or Send an email. The annual fee for the Department Services Program is $250

Job-ad rates

DSP member rates

Non-member rates

1 month job posting



2 months job posting



3 months job posting





DSP member rates

Non-member rates

30 day Featured Job



60 day Featured Job



90 day Featured Job



Anthropology News 1 issue



Anthropology News 2 issues



Anthropology News 3 issues



Your ad will appear on-line for 30, 60 or 90 consecutive days starting with the day you post it. You will be notified via e-mail seven days before your ad expires to prompt you to renew the ad, if you desire. If you want to run an ad for more than three months or have other questions or requirements, please contact the On-Line Career Center at (703-528-1902 x1177, email).

3. Payment - You may pay for the ad on-line with a credit card using our secure payment option, or you can elect to receive an invoice. Invoices are mailed the next business day from the ad is posted. Invoices will come from Boxwood Technology, our service provider.

4. How To - To get started, you will need to complete a Registration Form which you may find at You will only need to complete the registration once, regardless of how many ads you place. On this form, you tell us who the primary user will be (office manager, department chair, etc.) and the billing address. You also elect your payment method (invoice vs. credit card.) You should give the Web address of the institution or program for which you are recruiting. The address will appear at the top of the ad and will promote your department to prospective candidates. You must also include a brief narrative "profile" of your institution or program. This will appear with your ad, but does not need to be re-entered each time you submit an ad. The following is a sample.

"X University is a publicly funded university in X State 70 miles SW of X City. We have 7850 undergraduates,500 graduate students and about 325 full-time faculty. Anthropology is currently an undergraduate program. We are hoping to develop an MA Program in three years' time in co-operation with two neighboring universities. Benefits include the university pension program, the X Pension Plan, the X Health Insurance Plan and an Extended Healthcare Plan including dental care and prescription drug coverage, as well as a Professional Development Allowance. Tenure-track faculty are currently entitled to one semester free of teaching during their first two years at the university."

You are also asked to provide information regarding your institution's policy regarding benefits to domestic partners and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation/preference and gender identity/expression. In most cases, ads will be accepted regardless of how these questions are answered. Information about your institution or company may be available to you at the Human Rights Campaign Employer Database.

5. Once you submit the registration form, you will receive an e-mail with your password and user id. The subject line will read "Your American Anthropological Association Careers Login Information" and the sender will be "" Make sure you retrieve and save this e-mail document because it will allow you to back into your account to update job postings, search for candidates, and otherwise manage your account. You can also change the password for your account if you wish. You may want to make it available to others in your department, so they can place jobs and review applications, as well. You can use these to update your account information or add users.

6. Placing an ad is simple and can be done in the same session as your registration. You will need to provide a Job Title, Description or detail about the job and requirements, Category (ie Socio-Cultural/Practicing) Type (Full time/Part time) and Job Level (Senior, Entry). You will probably want to have the actual ad copy finalized in a Word or Text document so you can simply cut and paste it into the "Description" window. You will be able to preview your ad before you submit, so you can edit it before it goes live. There is an area for requirements and for benefit information, if you want them to appear separately from the description. Your ad will be "searchable" by any word you place in the text of the ad. You can also include" Search Words" that may not appear in the text of the ad. These will drive the most qualified candidates to your ad. We discourage requests for letters of reference at this initial stage of recruitment, since this can reduce the number of candidates responding to your ad. However, it is appropriate to request the names and addresses of references and or referees.

7. When you place the ad, you will also tell us whether you want the ad to appear in print in Anthropology News. The schedule shown above is provided to help you decide whether a print ad will be appropriate for your ad.

8. Once you have submitted an ad, you will be able to search our member resume/CV database to locate candidates for your position. You will need to log out of the system and re-enter with your login and password in order to search the resume database. Some of our members have posted their resume/CV on line and have agreed to allow access to employers. You can search by keyword or category (among other options) to locate candidates that fit your requirements. You can also set up a "Search Agent" that will notify you if/when a new candidate posts a resume/CV that meets your requirements. The "Report" feature will allow you to monitor how many "views" or hits your posting has attracted.

9. If at any time during this process you have a question or problem, you can contact customer support via e-mail at or by calling 1-888-491-8833. You can also reach AAA personnel at 703-528-1902 x1177.