AAA Summer Internship Hall of Fame

2013 AAA Summer Interns

  Jeff EmersonJeff Emerson is a native of Iowa, and a senior at Luther College. He double majors in Anthropology and Chemistry. As an AAA Summer Intern, Jeff will be working with the Underwater Archaeology Branch of the Naval History and Heritage Command, the official history program of the Department of the Navy. Several opportunities have led Jeff to an interest in the fields of archaeometry, oceanographic archaeology, and artifact conservation. Work with the National Park Service at the Klondike Gold Ruck National Historical Park in Skagway, Alaska and an internship in summer 2012 with the Nautilus Exploration Program searching for ancient shipwrecks in the Black Sea have contributed most to these curiosities. While on the Nautilus expedition, Jeff assisted the lead scientist with geochemical research of the Black Sea's stratified water column and the underlying sediments. This investigation turned into the core research for his senior capstone project in chemistry to better understand the chemical process within the water column and sediments, and how they influence the deterioration or preservation of archaeological artifacts left in situ.

JaleJalene Regassane Regassa is a senior at Colby College. She double majors in Anthropology and Global Studies. As an AAA Summer Intern, Jalene will be working with the Smithsonian's National Museum of African Art. "As an Ethiopia-American, I am very much interested in exploring the ways in which African cultures interact with American cultures and people", says Jalene. She has a passion for learning, which has compelled her to become an active member of the Colby African Society. Over the past three years, she has played a significant role in revitalizing the club's activities of representing Africa at Colby College. Her Anthropology major has been valuable in learning about the various cultures that exist in Africa and in appreciating the plurality of experiences across the continent, which she believes allows for a balanced and holistic understanding of Africa and its people. In a recent interview, Jalene relays her excitement for the upcoming internship: "I am excited to begin my AAA internship at the Smithsonian National Museum for African Art this coming summer. I believe it is a great opportunity to further develop my knowledge while combining my growing interests in anthropology, African cultures, and art."

Rachael Nuzman

Rachel Nuzman is a senior at Saint Mary's College of California. She double majors in Anthropology and English, and minor in Women and Gender Studies. Rachel notes that through her studies, she has "developed an incredible passion for analyzing cultural influence and pressure on gender and language." The Association For Feminist Anthropology (AFA) is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Rachel will research an annotated history of the AFA, utilizing the AFA Archives housed at the Smithsonian and other sources, to mark this important anniversary. The finished product will be a useful guidebook for research and scholarship related to AFA's mission: pedagogy and scholarship in feminist anthropology.

2012 AAA Summer Interns

2013_AAA_Interns140x115Eric Rodriguez is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh, and majors in anthropology. As an AAA summer intern, Eric will intern with Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC). NHHC is the official history program of the Department of the Navy. Eric will be working with the Underwater Archaeology Branch of the NHHC and will be conducting archaeological and historical research, synthesizing field information to prepare policy and case studies, as well as conserving artifacts and assisting with the inventory, management and artifact loan programs.

Susannah Reed Poland, is a senior at Stanford University, and is majoring in anthropology as well. Susannah will intern with the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art and be placed in the museum’s curatorial department where her tasks would include research on gender theory and object-based work related to a future exhibition on the contributions of, and issues addressed by, African contemporary woman artists.

2011 AAA Summer Interns

MelissaMelissa Campbell McIntosh_2011 Campbell-McIntosh interned with the Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC). At the time, she was a junior at St. Mary’s College in California, majoring in anthropology. Her interest lie within military history and maritime archaeology. She is certified in the American Academy of Underwater Sciences and scuba.

Juliana Bennington_2011na Bennington interned with ICRW. At the time, she was a senior at Wheaton College in Massachusetts, majoring in anthropology and minors in physics, economics and public policy. Her interest lies within learning how social pressures shape individual actions.