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Anthropology News

  • All members of AAA receive a free subscription to AN. Non-members may order a yearly subscription. Order on the AAA Online Store or by PDF Order Form. Back issues may be ordered, at the cost of $13 for AAA members and $17 for non-AAA members, by contacting the Membership Department (

Abstracts of the AAA Annual Meeting

  • The Printed Edition of the Abstracts of the 2013 meeting will be available in November 2013 and may be pre-ordered at the AAA Online Store or by PDF Order Form.
  • The eReader Edition of the Abstracts of the 2013 meeting will be availabe in November 2013 and may be pre-ordered on the AAA Online Store.

Teaching Anthropology: SACC Notes, SOLGAN, Nutritional Anthropology, CSAS

  • We have a limited stock of old issues of the above publications which have either ceased publishing, or are no longer published through our publishing partner, Wiley-Blackwell. Please contact the Membership Department ( for availability. If we do not have the issue or title you are seeking, please visit our online publications platform AnthroSource, where members can access desired content, and non-members can pay to view the desired article or issue.