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The Anthrosource screen shotAnthroSource system features address the individual needs of students, researchers, and librarian administrators alike. AnthroSource's technology platform makes it easy for you, as a librarian, to anticipate and meet the growing needs of your user community. At the heart of the system lie trouble-free administration tools, enabling you to help users create their own customizable research environment.

Innovative Technology

AnthroSource is a fully integrated information resource for anthropological study.

  • A powerful search engine makes precision research quick and easy.
  • Personalization options, such as saved searches and email alerts, make AnthroSource a truly interactive research tool for information in use.
  • Citations in PDF files are dynamically linked through participation in CrossRef and other services.
  • Designed for the working methods of anthropologists and students, AnthroSource's intuitive interface provides coherence to the research experience unparalleled in the academic community.

Advanced Research Tools
  • Powerful search capabilities: Advanced searching allows users to perform full-text keyword, phrase, and Boolean searches across all AnthroSource content or selected subsets. Fuzzy matching allows for more comprehensive results while saved search function allows users to refer back to previous research. AnthroSource allows users to search within returned results to further hone their findings.
  • Comprehensive reference linking: Complete reference linking through CrossRef, PubMed, and A&I databases ensure users easy access to core anthropological research.
  • Personalization: Users can optimize their AnthroSource experience to individual preference by personalizing settings, organizing content and highlighting their favorite journals and articles.
  • Alert options: Detailed alerting systems allows users to set up a variety of automatic email alerts including table of contents notification, saved searches, and article citation tracking.
  • Interactive PDF format: Rich content delivery format provides dynamically generated active reference links into all PDF article text and footnotes.

Library-Friendly Technology
  • Simple account administration: Customizable interface allows librarians to administer their own accounts. Librarians can update contact information, IP ranges, and set other preferences.
  • Intuitive User Interface: AnthroSource reduces user queries directed to the librarian with straightforward on-screen help.
  • Real time usage reports: Download self-service COUNTER-compliant reporting on usage data relevant to your institution with the click of a button.
  • Integration with library systems: AnthroSource provides easy integration with library OPAC systems to drive content to your site. With SFX and OpenURL compliance librarians can download information directly into their OPAC systems and manage local holdings.
  • Long-term preservation: Provision for long-term archival access to AnthroSource content including conversion of article PDFs to TIFF and collaboration with at least one archiving service. AAA is committed to providing perpetual, authentic, and usable access.
  • Guaranteed access: AnthroSource is hosted worldwide by thousands of distributed servers to guarantee access and assure enhanced website performance.

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