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Find Online Courses Offered by Community Colleges

The following programs offer online courses in anthropology; ranging from introductory courses to online degrees


Cabrillo College                
Palomar College offers Introduction to Bio and Cultural Anthropology; Introduction to Archaeology; Prehistoric Cultures of N. America; Original Californians; and Cultural Resource Management.                  
Los Angeles Valley College offers Anthropology 101: Human Biological Evolution; Anthropology 102: Cultural Anthropology; Anthropology 103: Archaeology; Anthropology 141: Culture, Health and Illness.
Rio Hondo College 
Chaffey Community College offers Anthropology 3: Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology.
San Diego Mesa College  offers introductory classes in physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, and archaeology.
Lake Tahoe Community College offers Cultural Anthropology, Physical Anthropology, Anthropology of Religion, others.
Modesto Junior College                    
Miramar College  offers Introduction to Cultural Anthropology and Introduction to Physical Anthropology.   
Ohlone College  offers Cultural Anthropology, Physical Anthropology, Introduction to Archaeology and North American Indians courses.


Community College of Aurora Online classes are offered every semester for Cultural Anthropology.           


Quinebaug Valley Community College  

Indian River Community College  two courses are offered online: ANT 2410 (Introduction to Cultural Anthropology & Linguistics) and ANT 2511 (Introduction to Biological Anthropology & Archaeology).


College of Dupage  
Elgin Community College Department of Anthropology and Human Geography. Introduction to anthropology, cultural anthropology


Johnson County Community College  offers Physical Anthropology ANTH-126.


Montgomery College, Germantown  offers Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology - AN 101 and World Ethnology - AN 206.
Montgomery College, Rockville     
Prince George's Community College Introductory Physical Anthropology
Introductory Cultural Anthropology, Magic, Witchcraft & Religion:  An Anthropological Interpretation


Anoka-Ramsey Community College All available courses are offered both online and in the classroom.           


Truckee Meadows Community College offers ANTH 101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology; ANTH 205: Ethnic Groups in Contemporary Societies.
College of Southern Nevada offers Introduction to Anthropology; Introduction to Physical Anthropology; and Introduction to Linguistics.

New York:

City University of New York Kingsborough Community College offers Sexuality and Culture and Introduction to Anthropology.


Cuyahoga Community College  


Austin Community College  


Bellevue Community College 
Pierce College  Survey of Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Indians of North America, and Northwest Coast Indians.


Selkirk College  offers Anthropology 100: Introduction to Anthropology I (4-field survey course); Anthropology 201: Ethnic Relations.

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