Anthropology of Work Review

Contents of Volume XIII, Number 1, Fall 1997

My Revised Program for Work Anthropology David Hakken

Book Review Essay: Working Knowledges: What Anthropologies of Science and Technology Can Do for an Anthropology of Work Review of Hugh Gusterson's Nuclear Rites: A Weapons Laboratory at the End of the Cold War; Emily Martin's Flexible Bodies: Tracking Immunity in American Culture from the Days of Polio to the Age of AIDS; and Sharon Traweek's Beamtimes and Lifetimes: The World of High Energy Physicists
Samuel Gerald Collins

Book Reviews: Thomas Maloney on Robert Netting's Smallholders, Householders: Farm Families and the Ecology of Intensive, Sustainable Agriculture; Lynn Sikkink on Contesting Markets: Analyses of Ideology, Discourse and Practice ed Roy Dilley; Millie Creighton on Elizabeth A. Povinelli's Labor's Lot: The Power, History, and Culture of Aboriginal Action; Tamar Diana Wilson on Jenny R. White's Money Makes Us Relatives: Women's Labor in Urban Turkey; Alan Smart on Rhoda H. Halperin's Cultural Economies Past and Present; Naomi Katz on All Anybody Ever Wanted of Me Was to Work: The Memoirs of Edith Bradley Rendleman ed Jane Adams; and Millie Creighton on Karin E. Tice's Kuna Crafts, Gender, and the Global Economy.

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