SAW Mentor File

Society for the Anthropology of Work

This publication is designed to offer an opportunity for professors, applied anthropologists and students to provide leadership, academic advice, job opportunities and inspiration to undergraduate students, graduate students, and others studying or applying anthropology related to the study of work.

This publication is meant to be shared. PLEASE COPY FREELY and alert students, faculty, peers, etc. to its existence.

For more information please contact:

Csilla Kalocsai

Dept. of Anthropology

Yale University

New Haven, CT 06520



Interested in being a mentor?

Current Mentor List

Kathy Borman

Micheal Blim

Judith-Maria Buechler

Carrie Lane

 Michael Joseph Francisconi

David Hakken

Karen Tranberg Hansen

Louise Lamphere

Robert O'Brien

Fran Rothstein

Robert Schact

Alan Smart

Jim Weil

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updated 11/7/2006