CFP: Researching children’s everyday lives: socio-cultural contexts

5th International Conference

Title: Researching children’s everyday lives: socio-cultural contexts
Dates: Tuesday 1st – Thursday 3rd July 2014
Venue: The Kenwood Hall Hotel, Sheffield, UK
Key Note Speakers:
Professor Pia Christensen, University of Leeds, UK
Dr Tom Cockburn, University of Bradford UK
Professor Margaret Mackey, University of Alberta, Canada

This conference will explore the idea of the ‘everyday’ as a key component of children’s lives, past and present and cross culturally.  To do this means moving away from a ‘problem’ focus on children and childhood by recognising that what counts as the mundane and every day for different children can be radically diverse in different times and places.

Examples of themes to be explored might include:

•      Historical aspects of children’s everyday lives
•      Children’s everyday experiences of living in poverty or experiencing war and conflict
•      Cross-cultural differences in the ‘everyday’
•      Everyday life and children’s agency
•      Theoretical and methodological approaches to understanding everyday life
•      Intergenerational relations in the nature  and flow of children’s everyday life

Those wishing to organise small symposia around a specific theme are also invited to submit a proposal.

Abstracts of no more than 200 words for papers, posters and symposia should be sent to the conference administrator, Dawn, by January 31st 2014.  For full details on submitting abstracts check out our conference page:

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Children and Social Justice – Seminar Series

Please find details below (and poster attached) of The Centre for Children and Young People’s Participation ( seminar series 2014: Children and Social Justice, part 2.    The seminars start at 4pm and usually finish around 5.30pm.  Following each seminar there is usually an informal network meeting, to which all are invited.  Seminars are free, including refreshments.  To reserve a place please go to the Eventbrite link for that event (reservation will assist us with ordering refreshments and notifying you of late changes).  Regards Lorna


5 March, 4-5.30pm, Harrington Building, Room 338

A Story of Failure: The mirroring of social and psychic exclusion among young men in a provincial English inner city

Simon Newitt

(Off the Record, Bristol)

Eventbrite link:

26 March 4-5.30pm, 4-5.30pm, Harrington Building, Room 223

‘We’re tired of talking to you, when will you do something?’

Karen Stuart

(Brathay Trust)

Eventbrite link:


8 May, 4-5.30pm, Brook Building, Room 105

Youth Participation in France: Current initiatives and challenges

Patricia Loncle

(French School of Public Health)

Eventbrite link:



12 May, 4-5.30pm, Harrington Building, Room 337

Embedding children and young people’s participation in health and social care

Louca-Mai Brady (University of the West of England)

Using research led by young people to create change in the NHS

Dan Moxon (People, Dialogue and Change)

Eventbrite link:

Seminar: Engaging parents in child protection

Wednesday 19 March
Brook building, room 9
School of Social Work, University of Central Lancashire


“Engaging parents in child protection”


Presented by Brigid Featherstone, Professor of Social Care, Faculty of Health and Social Care: The Open University


The seminar is free and refreshments are provided


To reserve a place please go to EventBrite at:

Conference on ‘The nature and value of childhood’ May 16-17

Conference: The nature and value of childhood
University of Sheffield

Currently there is widespread philosophical interest in children’s rights, parental rights and duties, and wider issues concerning good parenting and the social organisation of childrearing. Yet, to fully address these topics one needs to assume an answer to the question of ‘What is a child?’ To know who owes what to children in any detail, we need to know what distinguishes childhood from adulthood, and to answer questions about the relative value of childhood and adulthood in the overall life of a human being.
This conference brings together philosophers interested in a cluster of questions that have not been sufficiently discussed so far, but which are starting to draw philosophical attention: What is childhood? Is childhood good intrinsically, or only as preparation for adulthood? If it is intrinsically good, does it have special value – would it be a loss, from the perspective of an entire human life, if one missed out on childhood? Are there any ‘intrinsic goods of childhood’, and what are they? Do we owe children things that are different in nature from the things owed to adults?


Monika Betzler (Berne) ‘Good childhood and the good life’

Samantha Brennan (Western Ontario) ‘Trust, time, and play: Three intrinsic goods of childhood’

Matthew Clayton (Warwick) ‘Dignity as an ideal for children’

Jurgen De Wispelaere (McGill) ‘Political rights for Rugrats: Children in the democratic state’

Timothy Fowler (Bristol) ‘Variety is the spice of life?: On the possible significance of their being intrinsic goods of childhood’

Colin Macleod (Victoria) ‘Just schools and good fun: Non-preparatory dimensions of educational justice’

Serena Olsaretti (ICREA/Pompeu Fabra) ‘Egoism, altruism and the special duties of parents’

Lindsey Porter (Lancaster) ‘Paternalism: why is it bad to be treated like a child?’

Norvin Richards (Alabama) ‘The intrinsic goods of childhood’

Judith Suissa (London) ‘Narrativity, childhood and parenting’

Patrick Tomlin (Reading) ‘Saplings or caterpillars?: Trying to understand children”

Daniel Weinstock (McGill) ‘On the complementarity of the ages of life: Why we wouldn’t want adulthood without childhood, or childhood without adulthood’

The conference will take place on the 16th and 17th of May 2014 at the University of Sheffield, Jessops West Exhibition Space.

Registration fees: 10 GBP for one day or 20 GBP for both days cover coffee and lunch. Registration and full program will be available soon. For more details get in touch with the organisers: Anca Gheaus ( or Lindsey Porter (

The conference is sponsored by the Society for Applied Philosophy, The Mind Association and The Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain.

Paulo Freire and Transformative Education: Changing Lives and Transforming Communities

This is to draw your attention to an exciting conference being organised by our colleagues in UCLan’s School of Education and Social Science and The Freire Institute. Details at