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New Book – Shirley Temple and the Performance of Girlhood by Kristen Hatch

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In the 1930s, Shirley Temple was heralded as “America’s sweetheart,” and she remains the icon of wholesome American girlhood, but Temple’s films strike many modern viewers as perverse. Shirley Temple and the Performance of Girlhood examines her early career in the context of the history of girlhood and considers how Temple’s star image emerged out of the Victorian cult of the child.

Beginning her career in “Baby Burlesks,” short films where she played vamps and harlots, her biggest hits were marketed as romances between Temple and her adult male costars. Kristen Hatch helps modern audiences make sense of the erotic undercurrents that seem to run through these movies. Placing Temple’s films in their historical context and reading them alongside earlier representations of girlhood in Victorian theater and silent film, Hatch shows how Shirley Temple emerged at the very moment that long standing beliefs about childhood innocence and sexuality were starting to change. Where we might now see a wholesome child in danger of adult corruption, earlier audiences saw Temple’s films as demonstrations of the purifying power of childhood innocence.
Hatch examines the cultural history of the time to view Temple’s performances in terms of sexuality, but in relation to changing views about gender, class, and race. Filled with new archival research, Shirley Temple and the Performance of Girlhood enables us to appreciate the “simpler times” of Temple’s stardom in all its thorny complexity.


New Book: Childhood with Bourdieu

9781137384737Childhood with Bourdieu

Edited by
Leena Alanen, Liz Brooker and Berry Mayall

Palgrave Macmillan, January 2015

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New Book: Orphans & Destitute Children in the Late Ottoman Empire


by Nazan Maksudyan
Syracuse University Press (2014)

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History books often weave tales of rising and falling empires, royal dynasties, and wars among powerful nations. Here, Maksudyan succeeds in making those who are farthest removed from power the lead actors in this history. Continue reading

New Book: Violence Against Children in Kenya

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 1.58.18 PMby Alphonce C. L. Omolo

2015, Waxmann Publishers
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Children in Kenya continue to suffer diverse types of violence against them despite the fact that Kenyan laws are prohibiting violence and various prevention measures exist. In order to achieve effective prevention of violence, adequate knowledge of risk factors is imperative. In Kenya, such knowledge is lacking and there is limited attention given to the multifaceted nature of the social environment in which children grow up and how such environments aggravate violence against children as well as hinder prevention measures.

This qualitative research applied the ecological model of socialisation of Urie Bronfenbrenner as its theoretical and analytical framework in examining risk factors and consequences, responses and projects. In assessing what is being done to prevent violence against children in Kenya, the author reviews existing projects and policies that shape prevention measures including the possible influence of international conventions. He also analyses diverse sets of ideas, attitudes, philosophies and practices that explain the similar and the different notions of childhood in African and in Western settings. Exploring the social construction of violence, the author examines ideas and discourses that explain the heterogeneous characteristics of violence and how their understanding, occurrence and severity vary from culture to culture.

New Book: Children and Borders

9781137326300Edited by Spyros Spyrou & Miranda Christou
Palgrave Macmillan 2014

This edited collection brings together scholars whose work explores the entangled relationship between children and borders with richly-documented ethnographic studies from around the world. The book provides a penetrating account of how borders affect children’s lives and how in turn children play a constitutive role in the social life of borders. Providing situated accounts which offer critical perspectives on children’s engagements with borders, contributors explore both the institutional power of borders as well as children’s ability to impact borders through their own activity and agency. They show how borders and the borderlands surrounding them are active zones of engagement where notions of identity, citizenship and belonging are negotiated in ways that empower or disempower children, offer them possibilities and hope or alternatively deprive them of both. With innovative cross-fertilization between Border Studies and Childhood Studies, this volume illustrates the value of bringing children and borders together.


1. Experiencing the State and Negotiating Belonging in Zomia: Pa Koh and Bru-Van Kieu Ethnic Minority Youth in a Lao-Vietnamese Borderland; Trần Thị Hà Lan and Roy Huijsmans
2. ‘Anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf is welcoming me': A Case Study on Residential Child and Youth Care in the Mexican-American Border Zone; Sylvia Meichsner
3. Growing up in a Portuguese Borderland; Sofia Marques da Silva

4. Arrested in Place: Palestinian Children and Families at the Border; Bree Akesson
5. Destination Europe: Afghan Unaccompanied Minors Crossing Borders; Barla Buil and Melissa Siegel
6. Crossing Borders of Geography and Self: South Sudanese Refugee Youth Gangs in Egypt; Marisa O. Ensor

7. What is a Border? Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot Children’s Understanding of a Contested Territorial Division; Miranda Christou and Spyros Spyrou
8. Palestinian ‘Children of the Junction': Contested Borders and Representations; Omri Grinberg
9. Bordering in Transition: Young People’s Experiences in ‘Post Conflict’ Belfast; Martina McKnight and Madeleine Leonard

10. Criminals in our Land! Border Movement and Apprehension of Children from Bangladesh within the Juvenile Justice System in India; Chandni Basu
11. Crossing Borders and Borderlands: Childhood’s Secret Undergrounds; Sonja Arndt and Marek Tesar
12. Unaccompanied Migrant Children and Youth: Navigating Relational Borderlands; Stuart C. Aitken, Kate Swanson and Elizabeth G. Kennedy

13. When the Border Becomes a Threshold: Children’s Visits to Relatives in Santo Domingo; Livia Jiménez Sedano
14. Borders Separating Families: Children’s Perspectives of Labour Migration in Estonia; Dagmar Kutsar, Merike Darmody and Leana Lahesoo
15. ‘Everything is a Spectrum': Korean Migrant Youth Identity Work in the Transnational Borderland; Sujin Kim and Lisa Dorner