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New Publications from ACYIG’s Members

David Lancy, 2015: “Children as a Reserve Labor Force” Current Anthropology 56(4). (DOI:10.1086/682286)

Chantal Tetreault, 2015: Transcultural Teens: Performing Youth Identities in French Cités (Wiley, ISBN: 978-1-119-04415-4).


2015 Summer – Issue of Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures

The Centre for Research in Young People’s Texts and Cultures is pleased to announce that the2015 Summer Issue of Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures is available.

The following sections are open access:

– Editorial, “YA Narratives: Reading One’s Age” by Mavis Reimer and Heather Snell

– Review essays by Lian BeveridgeNyala AliAndrea ZerebeskiNelly Duvicq, and Debra Dudek

Articles in this issue include:
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Families, Relationships and Societies: Special issue on fatherhood out now

The new issue of Families, Relationships and Societies (volume 4, number 2) is now available. This is a special issue on Contemporary fatherhood, guest edited by Tina Miller and Esther Dermott. The contents are listed below.
In case you missed it, Esther recently wrote a piece on fatherhood on the Policy Press blog – Food for thought for Father’s Day.

Disability and the Global South – Special Issue on Children – Open Access!

Disability and the Global South (DGS), 2015, Vol. 2 No. 2

Special issue:  Disabled children and disabling childhoods in the global South 

Edited by: Erica Burman (University of Manchester), Anat Greenstein (University of Manchester) & Manasi Kumar (University of Nairobi)


Frames and debates for disability, childhood and the global South: Introducing the Special Issue

Erica Burman, Anat Greenstein and Manasi Kumar

pp. 563-569
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Using Postcolonial Perspectives to Consider Rehabilitation with Children with Disabilities: The Bamenda-Toronto Dialogue

Stephanie A. Nixon, Lynn Cockburn, Ruth Acheinegeh, Kim Bradley, Debra Cameron , Peter N. Mue , Nyingcho Samuel, Barbara E. Gibson

pp. 570-589
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Vietnam’s children’s experiences of being visually or hearing impaired

Rachel Burr

pp. 590-602
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Disabling streets or disabling education? Challenging a deficit model of street-connectedness

Su Lyn Corcoran

pp. 6013-619
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Revolutionary entanglements: Transversal mappings of disability in the favela

Ashley Do Nascimento, Hans A. Skott-Myhre and Kathleen S. G. Skott-Myhre

pp. 620-631
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For Michael Charlie: Including girls and boys with disabilities in the global South/North

Deborah Stienstra

pp. 632-648
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Childhood Sexual Abuse and Disability: A critical study of an invisibilized constituency in India

Shruti Vaidya

pp. 649-666
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Interrogating the impact of scientific and technological development on disabled children in India and beyond 

Gregor Wolbring and Anita Ghai

pp. 667-685
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Open Anthropology – current issue on youth

Open Anthropology, the digital journal of the American Anthropological Association, is offering a theme-issue on “Approaching Youth in Anthropology” for its June 2015 issue. It includes articles previously published in a variety of AAA journals.

“Approaching Youth in Anthropology” is open access for six months (it launches today, June 9). Continue reading Open Anthropology – current issue on youth