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Open Anthropology – current issue on youth

Open Anthropology, the digital journal of the American Anthropological Association, is offering a theme-issue on “Approaching Youth in Anthropology” for its June 2015 issue. It includes articles previously published in a variety of AAA journals.

“Approaching Youth in Anthropology” is open access for six months (it launches today, June 9). Continue reading Open Anthropology – current issue on youth

ACYIG Newsletter highlights – Childhood and Deafness

Are you interested in exploring children’s language socialization? Have you considered using “photovoice” to give children a voice in your research? Check out Anne Pfister’s column “Childhood and Deafness” in the latest edition of the ACYIG Newsletter (pp. 4-6):

Just Published: Guidance for Researchers of Adolescent Sexual Health

Of interest for researchers:
A new commentary in the Journal of Adolescent Health that provides guidance on improving research methodology in adolescent sexual health research, with particular focus on how to identify and avoid assumptions about genders, bodies, sexuality, relating styles, and cultural norms commonly made by researchers.

This is a brief (only 2 journal pages) but informative piece that would be useful in research methods courses to give students a broad overview of critical thinking in research design or as a reference for researchers who wish to justify making methodological decisions that challenge problematic norms in research design, including quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research.

The paper can be downloaded from:

The cultural politics of childhood and nation: Space, mobility and a global world – Part 2

The second part of the special issue on the Cultural Politics of Nation and Childhood: Space, mobility and a global world  in Global Studies of Childhood has been published.
The articles in both parts at the moment are freely downloadable so please do take the opportunity.
Here is the link to second part:
Link to first part of the special issue:

Check out ACYIG’s new YouTube channel – Great teaching resources and more!

We’re pleased to announce that we now have a dedicated ACYIG YouTube Channel. This will house different playlists of videos related to the anthropology of childhood and youth. We hope this will be a really useful resource for research and for teaching.

Please subscribe to the channel by clicking here:

Or search for “ACYIG AAA” on YouTube!

If you have suggestions for video content to be included on the channel, please email ACYIG’s social media coordinator at: