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Forthcoming book: Child Labour in Global Society

Child Labour in Global Society, by Paul Close
Bingley: Emerald Group
June 2014 (ISBN 978-1-78350-779-5);

Child Labour in Global Society is a critical response to the modern
educational regime, compulsory schooling and the ‘slavery industry’ in a
globalizing world; to evolving and exploitative notions of ‘slavery'; to
definitions of ‘slavery’ in international law; to approaches to ‘educational
labour’, including in international human rights law; and to cultural,
common-sense and professional perspectives on ‘slavery’ and ‘educational
labour’, in the light of which it is arguable that children’s ‘slave labour’
in modern and modernizing societies is grossly under-estimated and otherwise
greatly, if conveniently, misrepresented.

Play, Toys, War and Conflict conference, University of Greenwich, UK

“Play, Toys, War and Conflict”
Centre for the Study of Play and Recreation,
University of Greenwich
with the Society for the Study of Childhood in the Past
May 16th 2014, 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.,
Old Royal Naval College, SE10, 9LS, Queen Anne 075 and 080

This one-day conference relates the ongoing commemoration of the outbreak of World War I in 1914, and any aspect of war and conflict, to the themes of the  Centre , and the associated “Multi-Cultural Toys” project. Themes include play and national and political identity, children’s competition over playthings, to war games, the psychological value or otherwise of enacting conflicts, and play as a survival strategy in war time. Stereotypes of gender and race, sexuality and disability will be considered.

Draft Programme

9.30 a.m. Registration and coffee Queen Anne 075

10 a.m.  Welcome and Introductions

10.10 a.m. Dr Kathryn Gleadle (University of Oxford) “Playing at soldiers and doll volunteers: British loyalism and juvenile identities”

10.55.a.m. Dr Adrian Seville (Independent) “Changing Attitudes to War – the Evidence of Printed Board Games from France”

11.30 a.m. tea and coffee

11.50 a.m. Dr Jeff Bowersox (University of Worcester) “War Games, Colonialism, and Progressive Pedagogy in Germany before the First World War”

12.30 p.m. . Dr Mary Clare Martin (University of Greenwich) ,”War and Empire: Children’s materials and experiences, 1898-1919”

1p.m. to 2 p.m. Lunch

2 p.m. Alice Kirke (Institute of Education) “ Leisure, education and rural regeneration in the Young Farmers’ Club Movement, 1920-1940”

2.30 p.m. Anne Daniels (University of Virginia) “Why We Speak of War to You”: Coverage of World War II in Brazilian Children’s Periodicals

3.00 p.m. Panel: Toys, Play and Memory: Grimsby, Lebanon and Poland post-1945
Dr John Smith (University of Greenwich) Education and Play in Post-War Grimsby
Rania Hafez (University of Greenwich) Playing on the boundary: a childhood across cultures and borders
Dr Ewa Sidorenko (University of Greenwich) Play: Making Do without consumerism in Cold War Poland

4.15 p.m. tea and coffee

4.30 p.m.
Piotr Czosnyka, (Anglia Ruskin University) “A Toy Soldier in Britain 1945 to 1972: A Cultural History”, followed by:
Round Table discussion on toys, war, memory, and the future of play materials.

The conference will be followed by a networking event from 5.30 p.m. to which ALL are welcome.

To book a place at the conference, and/or networking event, or for any other queries, please e-mail

ACYIG Social Media Coordinator Needed

ACYIG is in need of a Social Media Coordinator to manage our Facebook page, LinkedIn page, and listserv. The Social Media Coordinator will work closely with the ACYIG Communications Coordinator, as well as the Newsletter and Website Editors, to advertise current content. Familiarity with blogs and social media channels preferred. If you are interested in volunteering for the position, please email

Reminder – Newsletter submissions due Jan. 6

ACYIG is now soliciting contributions for the February 2014 issue. Please note that we have changed the submission deadline dates. We will now accept submissions on a rolling basis between Monday, December 16, 2013 and Monday, January 6, 2014. The final deadline for submission is Monday, January 6th2014. If possible, please notify me of your intent to submit by the start of the rolling period (i.e. December 16th). It is our hope that this modified timeline will facilitate an enhanced review and revision process.

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REMINDER: Deadline for applications for consideration for open Board member positions is Sunday, December 15th

Hello ACYIG Members,

This is just a reminder that the ACYIG Board is currently conducting open appointments for two Board Member positions, and that the deadline to submit an application for consideration is Sunday, December 15th.

Board appointments are considered to be two-year positions and typically require attendance at the annual meeting of the AAA and the annual ACYIG joint conference during one’s tenure.

ACYIG Board member duties include: maintaining official interest group status with AAA; optimizing professional opportunities for members available via AAA; overseeing and growing professional presence within and outside AAA; and organizing the annual ACYIG joint conference.If you would like to be considered for one of the two open positions on the ACYIG Board, please email one to two paragraphs to Dr. Rachael Stryker stating why you would like to become a Board member and what you feel you can bring to ACYIG. Please be sure to include your name, title, affiliation (academic or otherwise) and email/phone number so that we can respond to you.

The ACYIG Board will make decisions by January 15, 2014, and notify you soon after. Your duties as an ACYIG Board Member begin on February 1, 2014, and your appointment will be confirmed at the ACYIG business meeting in Charleston, SC late that month when you are formally introduced to the membership.

If you have any questions about ACYIG Board member duties or this open Board appointment process, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to answer them.


Rachael Stryker