Introductory/Survey Texts

Edited Volumes

  • Children and Anthropology: Perspectives for the 21st Century
    edited by Helen B. Schwartzman (2001, Bergin & Garvey)
  • The Anthropology of Learning in Childhood
    edited by David F. Lancy, John C. Bock, Suzanne Gaskins

  • Anthropology and Child Development: A Cross-Cultural Reader
    edited by Robert A. LeVine  Rebecca S. New
  • Small Wars: The Cultural Politics of Childhood
    edited by Nancy Scheper-Hughes & Carolyn F. Sargent (1999, University of California Press)
  • Children and Youth on the Front Line: Ethnography, Armed Conflict and Displacement
    edited by J de Berry & J Boyden (2005, Berghahn Books)
  • Everyday Ruptures: Children, Youth, and Migration in Global Perspective
    edited by Cati Coe, Rachel R. Reynolds, Deborah A. Boehm, Julia Meredith Hess, Heather Rae-Espinoza (2011, Vanderbilt University Press)


  • Becoming Tongan: An Ethnography of Childhood
    by Helen Morton (1996, University of Hawaii Press)

  • At Home in the Street: Street Children of Northeast Brazil
    by Tobias Hecht (1998)
  • The Circulation of Children: Kinship, Adoption, and Morality in Andean Peru
    by Jessica Leinaweaver (2008, Duke University Press)

  • The Afterlife is Where We Come From: The Culture of Infancy in West Africa
    by Alma Gottlieb (2004)

The Anthropology of Children and Youth Interest Group of the American Anthropological Association

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