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AAA Annual Meeting


Sponsored by the Archaeology Division

WEDNESDAY (November 20)

Signifying the Social: Language, Objects, and Materiality

12:00-1:45 PM Organized by Catherine R. Rhodes & Joanne Baron

The Distress of Things: Materiality, Agency, and Ethics

12:00-3:45 PM Organized by Rui Alexandre da Graca Gomes Coelho

You and What Army? Papers in Honor of Lawrence H. Keeley

2:00-5:45 PM Organized by Mark Golitko & Rahul C. Oka

Food: It’s What’s For Dinner

4:00-5:45 PM Organized by Tekla M. Schmaus & Sheena A. Ketchum

Divergent Mortuary Traditions & Analytics

8:00-9:45 PM General Session

Colonial and Capitalist Legacies in the Archaeological Record

8:00-9:45 PM Organized by Matthew A. Beaudoin

THURSDAY (November 21)

This Must Be the Place: An Archaeology of Homemaking

8:00-9:45 AM Organized by Meredith S. Chesson

North American Archaeology

8:00-9:45 AM Poster Session

Engagements with Industrial Heritage and Archaeology in Michigan’s Copper Country and Beyond: Publics,

Professionals, Stakeholders, and Scholars

8:00-11:45 AM Organized by Timothy James Scarlett

World Archaeology

10:15-12:00 PM Poster Session

Once You See It, You Can’t Un-See It (A. Roy): Negotiating Inequality and Coloniality in Anthropological

Epistemology and Archaeological Practice

1:45-3:30 PM Organized by Jane E. Anderson & Uzma Z. Rizvi

One Step Further: Community Archaeology, Descendant Communities and the Public

4:00-5:45 PM Organized by Katherine Shakour & Ian Kuijt

FRIDAY (November 22)

Uneven Terrain: Archaeologies of Political Ecology in Comparative Perspective

8:00-11:45 AM Organized by Christopher T. Morehart & Santiago Juarez

Bodies in Motion: Making a Place for Archaeological Migration

8:00-11:45 AM Organized by Benjamin Valentine

What the Bones Tell Us: Models and Methods in Bioarchaeology and Skeletal Biology

8:00-11:30 AM General Session

Archaeology of Deathways & Lifeways

10:15-12:00 PM Poster Session

The Bioarchaeology of Disease Ideologies: Integrating Biocultural, Historical, and Sociocultural Variables into

Ancient Health Research

1:45-5:30 PM Organized by John J. Crandall & Carlina de la Cova

Ceramic Ecology XXVII: Honoring Charles C. Kolb

1:45-5:30 PM Organized by Kostalena Michelaki & Sandra L Lopez Varela

What’s New in Maya Archaeology?

1:45-3:30 PM General Session

Archaeologies of Intersectionality

4:00-5:45 PM Organized by Edward Gonzalez-Tennant

Archaeology Division (AD) Business Meeting

7:30-8:45 PM Includes a reception

Archaeology Division (AD) Annual Patty Jo Watson Distinguished Lecture by Robert L. Kelly

8:45-10:00 PM

SATURDAY (November 23)

Landscape, Seascape, Settlement, Environment

8:00-9:45 AM General Session

The Archaeology of Religion and Politics in the Americas

8:00-11:45 AM Organized by Arthur A Joyce & Sarah Barber

Andean Archaeologies

10:15-12:00 PM General Session

Archaeology of Africa and Diaspora Communities

1:45-3:30 PM General Session

Material Semeiotics: Anthropological Engagements

1:45-5:30 PM Organized by Alexander A. Bauer & Zoe Crossland

Archaeology Division (AD) Publications Committee

2:00-3:45 PM Forum/Workshop Organized by Cathy L. Costin and Lynne Goldstein

SUNDAY (November 24)

Ceramics, Technology, & People

8:00-9:45 AM General Session

Interpreting the Past, Constructing the Future: Archaeological Engagement with Material Culture and Public Heritage

8:00-11:45 AM Organized by Jill C. Bierly

Traveler’s Log: The Past, Present, and Future of Migration and Travel in Mesoamerica

8:00-11:45 AM Organized by Katherine A. Miller & Alexandre A. Tokovinine

More Than an Utterance: Indecipherable Scripts and the Materiality of Communication

10:15-12:00 PM Organized by Alice Yao

Household Strategies & Chronologies

10:15-12:00 PM General Session

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