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Gordon R. Willey Endowment Fund

Willey_Gordon_R_200 (1)The Gordon R. Willey Endowment Fund is a permanent endowment within the American Anthropological Association. This prize honors the memory of Gordon Randolph Willey (1913-2002), Charles P. Bowditch Professor of Central American and Mexican Archaeology at Harvard University and one of the few archaeologists to have served as AAA President (1961). Income from the endowment will fund the $1000 Gordon R. Willey Prize, annually presented by the Archaeology Division to the author of an exceptional archaeological paper published in the American Anthropologist.

Gift Categories

Contributions in any amount will be gratefully received. Special categories of giving are as follows:”Founders”: donors who made gifts in 2005-2006

Golden Founder: $500 and up
Silver Founder: $250-$499
Bronze Founder: $100-$249

“Supporters”: donors making gifts after 2006

Golden Supporter: $500 and up
Silver Supporter: $250-$499
Bronze Supporter: $100-$249

“Pillars”: Contributors of $1000 or more.


Founders, Supporters, and Pillars are recognized here with their permission:

Golden Founder and Pillar
Wendy Ashmore
Timothy Earle
Susan D. Gillespie
Joyce Marcus
David Hurst ThomasGolden Founder
Rosemary A. Joyce
H. B. Nicholson
Katherine Spielmann

Silver Founder
Minette Church
Suzanne K. Fish 
David C. Grove
Paul Healy
Teresita Majewski
Patricia McAnany
Barbara J. Mills
Tom Rocek
Jeremy Sabloff
Robert Sharer
Anonymous (2)

Bronze Founder
E. Wyllys Andrews, V
Ronald Alan Covey
Janet E. Levy
Anonymous (1)

Other Founders
Marilyn Beaudry-Corbett
Anonymous (1)

Golden Supporter and Pillar
David G. Anderson
Wendy Ashmore
Anonymous (1)

Golden Supporter
Janet E. Levy
Ben Nelson

Silver Supporter
Cathy Costin

Bronze Supporter
Elizabeth M. Brumfiel
William Fash
Susan Gillespie
Jeremy Sabloff
Patty Jo Watson

Special Donation 
Jeremy A. Sabloff and William L. Fash:

royalties of their edited book, Gordon R. Willey and American Archaeology(2007 University of Oklahoma Press)

Making a Donation

The American Anthropological Association is the fiscal administrator of the Gordon R. Willey Endowment Fund, responsible for maintaining, administering, and managing the account.Contributions may be made directly to:American Anthropological Association
Attn: Accounting (Donation)
2200 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 600
Arlington , VA , USA 22201-3357

Please make checks payable to the AAA, with a note in the memo line indicating the amount is to be directed to the “Gordon R. Willey Endowment Fund.”

Or click this link for secure on-line credit card payment. Check “Other” and write “Willey Endowment” on the line provided.

The AAA is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, and your gift may be tax deductible according to law. Please consult your personal tax advisor for appropriate deductibility.