About Us

The Anthropology and Environment Society is a section of the American Anthropological Association.  Its membership as of December 2011 was 695.

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Executive Board Members

Voting Members

(Terms begin at the conclusion of the meetings.)

Glenn Davis Stone, President (until Nov 2013)

Jeffrey Johnson, President (beginning Nov 2013)

J Stephen Lansing, incoming President-elect (beginning Nov 2013)

Page West, Past President (until Nov 2013)

James Igoe, Senior At-large Member (until Nov 2013)

Michael Dove, incoming Senior At-large Member (until Nov 2014)

Rebecca Zarger, incoming Senior At-large Member (beginning Nov 2013)

Pamela McElwee, Junior At-large Member (until Nov 2013)

Amelia Moore, incoming Junior At-large Member (beginning Nov 2013)

Derick Fay, incoming Junior At-large Member (until Nov 2014)

Sarah Besky, Student At-large Member (until Nov 2013)

Annie Claus, incoming Student At-large Member (beginning Nov 2013)


Appointed Members

Courtney Carothers, Meetings Program Co-Chair

Laura Zanotti, Meetings Program Co-Chair

Amelia Moore, Contributing Editor

Rick Stepp, Secretary and Treasurer

Ted Maclin, Listserv Administrator

Daniel Tubb, Webmaster

Daniel Bornstein, Press Officer

Janna Lafferty, Press Officer, jlaff004@fiu.edu

Chris Hebdon, Press Officer, chris.hebdon@yale.edu

Micha Rahder, Press Officer, (micha.rahder@gmail.com)

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