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  1. Please, publish/forward this call to your students/others you think might be interested in the opportunity.

    Are you a student or teacher of African studies, anthropology, architecture or the arts? Do you require a site deep in the village in Ghana, West Africa for your fieldwork or special project? If so, then contact / Accommodation at our arts village or homestay for cultural immersion in the Ashanti Region.

    (long Version)
    Nka Foundation announces a call for participation in its AFRICAN FIELD STUDIES program. Nka Foundation is an NGO managed by arts practitioners and volunteers in Ghana and Burkina Faso. In rural Ghana, the foundation runs Sang and Abetenim Arts Village, which are living learning centers that invite persons from around the world to immerse in local culture and put their practice to the test through projects in the arts and rural architecture. Vacationers, student interns, recent graduates and professionals are all welcome to our arts village for a period of stay from 1 to 9 months. Our village provides a unique opportunity for students to learn by doing on our current project or use their initiative to propose and complete own project to translate theories learnt in classrooms to practice. For the professionals, you will find the hands-on project and full-on experience with local culture a pause from your office work to rediscover the rudiments of design and artistic nuances that can refresh your practice.

    COST: No application fee or registration fee required. All participants pay onsite at the weekly rate of 21 Euro (28 USD) towards accommodation and 40 Euro (50 USD) for food (2/3 meals a day) at the arts village or homestay for cultural immersion. We suggest that participants apply for travel grants through their school, or other sources to cover costs of their airfare, food and project.

    CONTACT: Individuals and project teams interested in participating in the program should e-mail to / for application. Inquiries for organizational and education partnerships are welcome. See our photostream on Flickr (

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