Association for Feminist Anthropology

Dear ALLA Members and Friends,

The Association for Feminist Anthropology will celebrate its 25th anniversary this year, marking our inception as a formal AAA Section.  Since 1988 AFA has had an impressive history fostering critical inquiry related to women and gender, a history that intersects with other disciplines, discourses, and social categories.  Today feminist anthropology has permeated our epistemology and pedagogy.

To mark this important anniversary, the Association for Feminist Anthropology will author an annotated history of the AFA, using the AFA Archives housed at the Smithsonian and other sources.  Research will be conducted by a student intern through the AAA Summer Internship program.  The finished product will be a useful guidebook for research and scholarship related to our mission:  pedagogy and scholarship in feminist anthropology.

To defray the costs of hosting an AFA Summer Intern estimated at $4,000, the AFA is embarking on a fund-raising drive.  We ask you to donate to the AFA Summer Internship Program through the AAA, using the attached form.   All donations are fully tax-deductible.  On-line donations may be made through the AAA Internship program at:  <>

•       Donation Categories:
$50             Enthusiastic Feminist
$100           Courageous Feminists
$200+         Visionary Feminist
•       Donors contributing $100 or more  will receive a copy of an AFA Publication (email with your selection):
–From Labrador to Samoa: Theory and Practice of Eleanor Burke Leacock
–Gender and Race through Education and Political Activism: The Legacy of Sylvia Helen Forman
–Feminism, Nationalism and Militarism

Thank you very much for your support.  We know that you will be extremely pleased and impressed with the AFA History Project and Guidebook.

Sandra Faiman-Silva, Ph. D. AFA Treasurer
Chair, AFA Fund-Raising Committee