Dissertation Award

The Council on Anthropology and Education (CAE) has established an annual award to recognize the author of an outstanding dissertation recently completed in the field of anthropology and education.


Any member of CAE in good standing can nominate a recent dissertation for this award.


A nominated dissertation should have been successfully defended no earlier than 3 calendar years prior to the year in which it is nominated.


Nominations should be sent by August 15, 2014, to CAE Third-Year Member-At-Large, Cindy Cruz; ccruz3@ucsc.edu

Nomination Materials

The nomination should include:

  1. A letter not to exceed three pages from the nominator summarizing the strengths of the dissertation, including the strength of anthropological theory and method, the scholarly excellence, the relevance to educational anthropology, innovative or insightful approaches, and implications for research and practice in the field of educational anthropology;
  2. The dissertation table of contents, including section headings in
    all chapters;
  3. The dissertation abstract the author/researcher filed for official use;
  4. One chapter, or a pair of major sections taken from differing
    chapters -e.g., from the narrative “middle” of the dissertation- which
    provide examples of writing that tells the story of the thesis. This
    would involve a few crucial narrative vignettes and/or interview quotes,
    with framing/interpretive commentary;
  5. A completed cover page, outlining:
    • Nominee’s name and contact information, including email address
    • Nominee’s dissertation title, institution from which nominee received the PhD, and date degree was conferred
    • Nominator’s name and contact information

Evaluation Guidelines

The dissertation award committee will be guided by such considerations as:

  1. The issue addressed in the study bridges the theories and practices of anthropology and education.
  2. The author-researcher applies anthropological methods and concepts in handling and reporting data thoroughly and insightfully.
  3. The study is of high quality and makes an important contribution to the field.

Previous Recipients

1994 Bradley Levinson
1995 Phyllis Ryan
1997 Aurolyn Luykx
1999 Bryan Brayboy
1999 Ellen Skilton-Sylvester
2000 Thea Abu El-Haj
2000 Mica Pollock
2001 Julie Kaomea
2001 Edmund Hamann
2001 Cati Coe (Honorable Mention)
2003 Denise Blum
2003 Angela Reyes
2004 Kimberley Anderson
2004 Mariela Nuñez-Janes (Finalist)
2004 Leslie C. Moore (Finalist)
2004 Jason Klugman (Honorable Mention)
2004 Tricia Niesz (Honorable Mention)
2005 Doris Warriner
2005 María Teresa de la Piedra
2006 Shabana Mir
2006 Barbara Dupre
2007 Kimberly Powell
2007 Joycelyn Wilson (Finalist)
2007 Fida Adely (Honorable Mention)
2007 Sheila Nicholas (Honorable Mention)
2008 Jill P. Koyama
2008 Angelina Castagno (Finalist)
2008 Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher (Finalist)
2008 Beth Leonard (Honorable Mention)
2009 Inmaculada M. García Sánchez
2009 Amanda Lashaw (Finalist)
2009 Angela Booker (Honorable Mention)
2009 Zeena Zakharia (Honorable Mention)
2010 Rucheeta Kulkarni
2011 Reva Jaffe-Walter
2011 Audrey Cooper (finalist)
2012 Marguerite A. Fillion Wilson
2012 Brendan H. O’Connor (finalist)
2012 Tyler Bickford (finalist)
2013 Juliette de Wolfe
2013 Shirin Vossoughi (finalist)
2013 Kate Grim-Feinberg (finalist)
2013 Susan Woolley (finalist)