10th Conference on Organic and Sustainable Agriculture in Cuba


May 21-24, 2014, 10th Conference on Organic and Sustainable Agriculture in Cuba (English and Spanish)

This is the initial announcement of the premier event on Organic and Sustainable Agriculture in Cuba, documenting the substantial and work of Cuba’s Organic Agriculture Movement. It will be followed with pre and post event short courses and tours; the short courses tend to be very affordable.

In 1999, this movement gained the Right Livelihood Award for their work, the alternative Nobel.http://www.foodfirst.org/fr/node/187

Dr. Humberto Rios Labrada, one of the members of this group, won the Goldman Environmental Award in about 2008 for his work with farmers to increase crop diversity through farmer seed fairs and developing  low-input agricultural systems, encouraging Cuba’s shift from agricultural chemical dependence toward sustainability. http://www.goldmanprize.org/2010/islands

Today this program which commenced with about 5,000 farmers now has over 100,000 participating farmers and their families selecting and diversifying Cuba’s seed stock. Dr. Labrada is now working to reproduce this work in Bolivia while a group of about twenty young woman is now continuing his work in Cuba diversifying the nation’s seeds through farmer science.

This year, 2014, the conference will take place at the beautiful beach resort of Varadero, on the North Coast of Cuba. There will also be preconference and post conference workshops, excellent for agroecologists and sustainable farmers and students of sustainable agriculture.

Dr. Labrada has also shared how the Cuban Organic Agriculture worked to persuade the Cuban Government over a period of 8 to 12 years to support their organic agriculture movement which experience might be useful to others working to change the food and agriculture systems of their countries.

To attend you may reply directly to the sending email below in English or Spanish or if you would like to working through an American organization, you can contact pam@ecocubanetwork.net<mailto:pam@ecocubanetwork.net> affiliated with Global Exchange.

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