CfP AAA: questions or ideas for complete panel sessions?

What? Culture & Agriculture – Call for Papers

Where? American Anthropological Association meeting in Washington, D.C.

When? December 3-7, 2014

The theme for this year’s meeting is “Producing Anthropology,” an entirely
apt frame of reference for anthropologists conducting research on and
engaged with agricultural issues. The 2014 conference organizers ask
us to “examine the truths we encounter, produce and communicate through anthropological theories and methods,” in light of our commitments to a varied array of partners. Many anthropologists focused on agricultural issues writ large
are concerned with issues that cut across sub-disciplinary and
institutional boundaries, and thus we are well situated to critically
reflect on our own active roles in producing anthropological knowledge and
information destined for diverse audiences that include food producers,
policy-makers, academics, and corporate or non-government entities.

Culture and Agriculture invites proposals for Invited Sessions, Volunteered
Papers, Posters and Sessions, Roundtables or Installations. *All
submissions must be completed by April 15th at 5 pm (EST).* Guidelines for
the various conference formats are as follows:

Session organizers for *Invited or Volunteered Submissions** of Panels and
Posters* are responsible for submitting the session abstract (of no more
than 500 words), keywords, length of session, anticipated attendance,
presenter names and roles. Invited sessions are typically directly related
to the meeting theme and cross sub-disciplines cutting-edge. Please note
there are no double-sessions this year. Presenters are responsible for
submitting their own individual abstracts (of no more than 250 words),
paper title and keywords. Session organizers are NOT able to upload
individual abstracts on behalf of presenters on the panel. Discussants and
Chairs must also be registered by the April 15, 2014 deadline.

* Roundtable* organizers are responsible for submitting the session
abstract (of no more than 500 words), keywords, length of
session, anticipated attendance, and presenter names. Roundtables are a
venue for discussing the most pressing, current issues in anthropology.
Roundtable presenters do NOT submit individual abstracts, but all
roundtable presenters, and chairs must have a current membership or
membership exemption (available only to anthropologists living outside
the US/Canada or non-anthropologists) and must pay the registration fee by
the final deadline of April 15, 2014.

Presenters of *Individual Paper or Poster Submissions* are responsible for
uploading their individual paper or poster submission online. The
submission must include the presentation title, abstract (of no more than
250 words), keywords, and co-authors (if applicable). Presenters must be
current members unless eligible for a membership exemption (anthropologists
living outside of the US/Canada or  non-anthropologists) and have paid
registration for the 2014 Annual Meeting by  5:00pm EDT, Tuesday, April 15,

*Retrospective* sessions highlight and review the contributions that an
established scholars has made over the course of her career (for example,
on the occasion of their retirement or significant anniversary). A session
abstract of up to 500 words is required. All participants must submit final
abstracts by April 15, 2014.

I encourage you to read the recent piece in *Anthropology News* by Mary
Gray and Rachel Watkins, this year’s AAA Program co-chairs: <>.
They are genuinely interested in pushing the boundaries of how we
traditionally share our information at the annual conference, so I
encourage you to be creative with you proposals. More general descriptions
of changes to the annual meeting format can be found here: <>

You must be active AAA member and pay your 2014 conference registration fee
in order to submit your abstract. (Membership exemption is in place for
anthropologists living outside of the US/Canada or non-anthropologists.)
Please note that AAA members can now propose chairing or organizing as many
sessions as they’d like to submit without knocking them out of the running
for a seat on a panel or discussant participation.

You may contact Dr. Seth Murray with questions or ideas for complete panel sessions, individual papers or posters, roundtable discussions, or installations:

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