Critical Studies on Food in Italy (CSFI)

CSFI Summer Program information:

DURATION: 5-WEEK Full Immersion Summer Program
WHEN: 19 MAY 2014 – 21 JUNE 2014

The program is open to all majors, University of Massachusetts Amherst and
non-University of Massachusetts Amherst students.

Critical Studies on Food Culture (3 credits) COURSE
Food media, communication and trends (3 credits) COURSE
Food, Nutrition and Culture in Italy (3 credits) COURSE
Elementary Italian Language UMASS ITAL 110 (3 credits) COURSE
Intensive Elementary Italian Language UMASS ITAL 126 (6 credits) COURSE Italian Lexicon for Food Studies (3 credits) COURSE

For more information about the program, tuition and cost of the program,
please visit:

Scholarships are still available. To be eligible, students must apply by
March 7, 2014. For more details and information on how to apply, please
contact Gustolab Institute Director Sonia Massari at

For more information about the program and a Pre-Application Selection
form, please write to

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