Food Sovereignty: a critical dialogue

Message from Marc Edelman:

For those who have been following the ‘food sovereignty: a critical dialogue’ process starting in September 2013 at Yale University and in January 2014 in ISS in the Hague – whether you attended one of the conferences, or followed the process electronically, or read the papers, or read about it on Facebook or Twitter, here are some important updates – and excellent resource materials! The critical dialogue continues… Please feel free to circulate the information.

*Food Sovereignty video clips now available!*

Academics, activists, farmers, and more gathered for the conference “Food
Sovereignty: A Critical Dialogue” – held twice: on 14-15 September 2013 in
Yale University, USA, and on 24 January 2014 at the International Institute
of Social Studies (ISS) in the Hague. It brought together the world’s
leading scholars and activists, both sympathetic and supportive of the idea
of food sovereignty, as well as those highly skeptical of the concept. They
fostered a critical dialogue on the issue examining its various meanings,
interpretations, and political implications.

You will find a selection of the presentations (30 video clips!) held during the conferences at Yale University in September 2013 and at ISS in January 2014 by clicking this URL:

94 Food Sovereignty papers

To date, through the combined processes towards the Yale conference and the
ISS colloquium, there are now 94 working papers and 3 Discussion Notes. You
can download these papers at:

Food Sovereignty Working Paper Series to continue

Now open for submission

The organizers of this critical dialogue initiative have decided to continue with the ‘Food Sovereignty Working Paper Series’. It will be open for submission of academic papers: theoretical, or empirical, or methodological, from various social science disciplines. All papers will be peer reviewed.  For queries and for submission, please get in touch with us through

Photo gallery of the Food Sovereignty: A Critical Dialogue colloquium at ISS on 24 January 2014:

*Authoritative journal version of 12 articles now available for free!*

12 papers that have been part of the working paper series of the critical
dialogue have now been revised and finalized by their authors. These are
the papers by: Henry Bernstein, Bina Agarwal, Jack Kloppenburg, Phil
McMichael, Marc Edelman, Ryan Isakson, Jennifer Clapp, Jan Douwe van der
Ploeg, Madeleine Fairbairn, Annette Desmarais & Hannah Wittman, Kim Burnett
& Sophia Murphy, and Peter Rosset & Maria Elena Martinez-Torres. These are
now officially published by *The Journal of Peasant Studies* (*JPS*), one
of the co-organizers of the critical dialogue. As contribution to the
critical dialogue, *JPS *has made all these 12 articles downloadable from
its website free of charge (look for “Latest Articles” section, upper left
corner of the JPS website, and click it to see the list of free articles)
for the time being:

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