2014 AAAs CfP: Plants & Health: Producing Anthropologies at the Human-Environment-Health Nexus

This session will showcase current ethnographic accounts of the ways that
people use plants for their health. The case studies may range from food
production systems, individual diet and nutrition, cultural food norms,
medicinal plants, and the relevance of plants for mental-social well-being.
Authors are welcome to employ diverse analytic frameworks, examples of
which might include: interpretive and constructivist, political-ecological,
and applied or participatory community-based research. The goal in this
session is to highlight some contemporary examples of how plants are
central to various aspects of healthy environments and healthy minds and
bodies. The ethnographic accounts of people, plants, and health in this
session will be of interest to medical and environmental anthropologists,
applied anthropologists, and allied disciplines.
Session Organizer & Chair: Liz Olson, PhD (Allegheny College)
Session Discussant: Rick Stepp, PhD (UFL)

Please submit a 250 word abstract to Liz Olson (eolson@allegheny.edu) by April 10, 2014, for consideration for the panel. This session will be
submitted to the C&A section.

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