Last minute spot for 2014 AAA session: Addressing Agriculture and Climate Change

We have a last minute spot available for the session below. Please contact Colin West ( and Caela O’Connell ( with your proposed topic asap for consideration.

Addressing Agriculture and Climate Change: When we discuss the potential hazards and horrors of climate change the topics of migration, flooding, human epidemics, and intense weather events dominate conversation and research. The subjects of agricultural and climate change, and consequently food security have received far less attention from anthropologists. From subsistence farmers in the the Andes to commercial producers in Australia, producing food is increasingly under pressure from multiple factors related to climate change. This panel aims to bring the growing effects of climate change on agricultural communities into focus. From coping with increasing frequency in hazards to the changing and more virulent presentations of pests, diseases, and susceptibility in food crops, agricultural producers are facing intensified pressures to produce food and maintain their cultural practices and livelihoods. We seek to go beyond anthropological work documenting responses to meteorological phenomena and shifts in meaning and belief systems related to climate change. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, our panel showcases anthropologists involved in collecting socioecological data to assist with tracking, modeling, adapting, and documenting climate change for agricultural communities.

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