64 Scientists call on NAS to add social scientists & international development experts to GMO panel

“, it is immediately 3 clear that the Committee will require the expertise
of a significant number of (1) social scientists, representing an array of
disciplines (rural and development sociology, geography, political economy,
political ecology, anthropology, macro-economics, history), (2) experts
representing a full range of professional backgrounds (law, ethics, public
and occupational health, trade, participatory community-based development,
etc.); (3) a more diverse set of biological, physical and medical/health
scientists capable of critically and fairly appraising GE and their
associated technologies in comparison to other approaches; and (4) a
balance of perspectives amongst committee members, in terms of their
capacity to provide an adequate representation of experiences in the U.S.,
other industrialized countries, and developing countries.”


The first public meeting on the GMO study will be held Sept. 15 – 16 in DC,
and will be webcast.

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