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SAR Calls for AAA Sessions. SAR calls for proposals for sessions for the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association in San Francisco, California, from November 14-18, 2012.

SAR at the AAA

Every year, SAR sponsors several panels on the anthropology of religion at the Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA). In 2012, the meeting will be held in San Francisco.

Recent Sessions

At the 2010 meeting in New Orleans, SAR sponsored 27 sessions.

(Extra)Ordinary Miracles: Explorations In Traditional Christianities

Anthropologies Of The Damned: Disciplinary Practices And Peripheral Suffering

Belief, Participation, Circulation: Challenges In Participant-Observer Fieldwork With Evangelical, Pentecostal, And Charismatic Christianities

Beyond Political And Cultural Networks: The Challenges Of Religious Pluralism For Indigenous People Of The Americas

Bridging Spirituality And Medical Practices In New Ways

Buddhisms In Motion

Can We Talk? Theorizing “religion” And “development” Together In Faith-Based Non-Governmental Organizations

Circulation And Syncretism: Metaphors Of Movement In The Blending Of Belief

Contemporary Haunting: Circulation Of Knowledge And Memories Between The Dead, The Living, The Family And The State In The East Asian Context

Conversion, Evangelism And Ethnicity

Going Global: The Transformative Power Of Pentecostal And Charismatic Christian Networks

Mediating Spirits And The Spirit Of Mediatization In The Afro-Atlantic World

Muslim Circuits, Western Spaces

North American Christianities

Passages Of Pilgrims, Nations And Identities

Pentecostalism In Contemporary Russia: Globalization, Indigenization And Social Context Of Charismatic Christianity

Raced Religion: Neo-Liberal Identities And The Racialization Of Religion

Religious Change And Continuity In Latin America

Researching Spirit Biographies: Locating The Selves And Histories Of Immaterial Entities In Religious Experience And Knowledge

Rethinking Postcoloniality & Postsocialism: Circulations Of Religiosity And Secularization In The Expansion Of Sovereignty

Sacred Powers, Powerful Objects And Political Objections

Short-Term Missions: Religious Circulations In Two Weeks Or Less

The Circulation Of Trance: What Does It Mean To Be Entranced In A Globalized World?

The Other American Jews: Thriving In Double Marginality

The Work Of Maurice Bloch: Transatlantic Currents Of Inspiration, Provocation, And Response

Tracking Circulation Through Ritual Spaces And Religious Fields

Women As Religious Authorities: Circulating Discourses, Embodied Knowledge