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The SEAA Column is the Society for East Asian Anthropology’s column in Anthropology News (AN), the official newsletter of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), which is published monthly, except for June, July and August. AN is a benefit of AAA membership and is also available by separate subscription. Currently over 11,000 individuals and nearly 150 institutions receive AN each month.

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Volume 51
Issue 1 – January 2010
Between Japan and the US: An Interview with Harumi Befu

Issue 2 – February 2010
SEAA Convenes in Philadelphia: AAA 2009 by Junko Teruyama
2009 SEAA Prize Recipients

Issue 3 – March 2010
A Message from the SEAA President by Jennifer Robertson (U Michigan)

Issue 4 – April 2010
Performing the Family Planning Project in Post-Socialist China by Junjie Chen (U Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Issue 5 – May 2010
“Humanity, Development and Cultural Diversity”: IUAES in Kunming by Sandra Teresa Hyde (McGill U)

Issue 7 – October 2010
Introducing the Current SEAA Elected Board Members by Jennifer Robertson (SEAA President, U Michigan)

Issue 8 – November 2010
Francis LK Hsu Book Prize by Jennifer Robertson (SEAA President, U Michigan)

Volume 50

Issue 1 – January 2009
A Career in South Asian Anthropology by Rubie Watson (Harvard U)

Issue 2 – February 2009
Highlights from the 2008 Annual Meeting by Junko Teruyama (U Michigan), Teresa Kuan (U Southern California) and June Mee (Harvard U)

Issue 3 – March 2009
Making the Oral Contraceptive “For Me” in Japan: Managing the Semiotics of Reproductive Health in Virtual Space by Kathryn Goldfarb (U Chicago)

Issue 4 – April 2009
Anthropology and the Anaconda: China Post-2008 by Charlene Makley

Issue 5 – May 2009
An Interview with Arthur Kleinman (Harvard U)

Issue 7 – October 2009
SEAA Conference Report by Ju-chen Chen (Chinese U Hong Kong) and Matthew West (Columbia U)

Issue 8 – November 2009
Breaking Away from Traditional Boundaries by Anru Lee (SEAA Program Editor)

Issue 9 – December 2009
Ethnography as Evidence and the Endurance of the Ethnographic Relationship by Gene Cooper (U Southern California)

Volume 49

Issue 1 – January 2008
Conversation with Sonia Ryang

Issue 2 – February 2008
Expanding the Anthropology of East Asia by Allison Alexy (Yale U)

Issue 3 – March 2008
The Wedding Banquet Revisited: “Contract Marriages” Between South Korean Gays and Lesbians by Jogn (Song Pae) Cho (U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Recipient of the 2007 Theodore C Bestor Prize for the Outstanding Graduate Paper in East Asian Anthropology)

Issue 4 – April 2008
Conversation between Ann Anagnost (U Washington) and Trang X Ta (U Washington)

Issue 5 – May 2008
A Conversation with Beth Notar and Joshua Roth

Issue 7 – October 2008
A Conversation with Aihwa Ong

Issue 8 – November 2008
New Directions in East Asian Anthropology by Carolyn S Stevens (U Melbourne)

Issue 9 – December 2008
A Dialogue between Glenda S Roberts (Waseda U, Tokyo) and Gavin Whitelaw (International Christian U, Tokyo)

Volume 48

Issue 1 – January 2007
Exploring Prehistoric Agriculture: A conversation between Gyoung-Ah Lee (Seoul National University, Korea) and Sarah Milledge Nelson (U Denver)

Issue 2 – February 2007
Conversations With James (Woody) Watson

Issue 3 – March 2007
Finding Resonance in East Asian Anthropology by Carolyn S Stevens (U Melbourne)

Issue 4 – April 2007
Bridging Asian and Asian-American Studies by Christine R Yano (U Hawai’i)

Issue 5 – May 2007
Conversation between Merry White (Boston U) and Masayo Nishida

Issue 7 – October 2007
Conversation with Roger L Janelli

Issue 8 – November 2007
Conversation between Bill Kelly (Yale U) and Allison Alexy

Issue 9 – December 2007
National Agendas, Local Income and Knotted Knowledge in Huangbaiyu by Shannon May (UC Berkeley, Recipient of the 2006 Theodore C Bestor Prize for the Outstanding Graduate Paper in East Asian Anthropology)

Volume 47

Issue 1 – January 2006
Conversation between Jong Bum Kwon (UCLA) and Laurel Kendall (American Museum of Natural History and Columbia U)

Issue 2 – February 2006
Report on SEAA Activities in DC by Laura Miller (SEAA President)

Issue 3 – March 2006
Commodified Romance in a Tokyo Host Club by Akiko Takeyama (U Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Issue 4 – April 2006
Conversation between Chizuko Ueno (U Tokyo) and Aya Kitamura (U Tokyo)

Issue 5 – May 2006
An Interview with Helen Siu by Elana Chipman (Cornell U)

Issue 7 – October 2006
Society for East Asian Anthropology Conference Report by Carolyn S Stevens (U Melbourne)

Issue 8 – November 2006
Teaching East Asia by Laura Miller (SEAA President)

Issue 9 – December 2006
An Interview with Mariko Asano Tamanoi on Becoming an Anthropologist by Kyoko Takehana (Harvard U)

Volume 46

Issue 1 – January 2005
Must-Download TV and Cool Japan by Ian Condry (MIT)

Issue 2 – February 2005
SEAA Convenes Mini-Conference by Laura Miller (Loyola U Chicago)
2004 SEAA Prize Recipients

Issue 3 – March 2005
Cultural Belonging among Korean Adoptees by Eleana Kim (New York U)

Issue 4 – April 2005
Japanese Girls’ Linguistic and Social Negotiations with Peer Groups by Ayumi Miyazaki

Issue 5 – May 2005
History, Sovereignty and Chinese Identity in Transition-Era Macau by Cathryn Clayton (U Macau)

Issue 7 – October 2005
The Francis L K Hsu Book Prize
SEAA Election Results
SEAA “Reports from the Field” Workshop for Graduate Students

Issue 8 – November 2005
Conversation with Takie Lebra

Issue 9 – December 2005
Severe Disabilities, Liberalism and Social Welfare Policy in Japan and the US by Karen Nakamura (Yale U)

Volume 45

Issue 1 – January 2004
The Ethnography of Frederick Wulsin, Northwest China 1923 by Maris Gillette (Haverford C)

Issue 2 – February 2004
Birth Control in Urban China by Kari Olson (U Iowa)

Issue 3 – March 2004
Migration and Modernity: The Mainland Wives of Hong Kong Men by Nicole Newendorp (Harvard U)

Issue 4 – April 2004
School Excursions in Japan by Dawn Grimes-MacLellan (U Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Issue 5 – May 2004
Anthropology of the Koreas by Nancy Abelmann (U Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Issue 8 – November 2004
The Taiwanese Nation? by Scott Simon (U Ottawa)

Issue 9 – December 2004
Indigineity and Nature Conservation in China’s Yunnan Province by Michael Hathaway (U Michigan)

Volume 44

Issue 1 – January 2003
The Bad Girls of East Asia by Laura Miller (Loyola U)

Issue 2 – February 2003
When Bar Girls are Good by Erika Evasdottir (Columbia U)
2003 E-ASIA(S) Panels

Issue 3 – March 2003
Learning to Belong to a Nation in Hong Kong by Gordon Mathews (Chinese U of Hong Kong)

Issue 4 – April 2003
“Wearing Hanbok is Just Something We Koreans Do” by Rebecca N Ruhlen (U of Washington)

Issue 5 – May 2003
Where Is It Going? Tracking Japanese Funerals by Hikaru Suzuki (Wittenberg U)

Issue 7 – October 2003
A Second Look at Gaoqiao by Paul Hockings (The Field Museum)

Issue 8 – November 2003
Shanghai Nostalgia by Tianshu Pan (Georgetown U)

Issue 9 – December 2003
The Politics of Appearance in East Asia by Bonnie Adrian (U Denver)

Volume 43

Issue 1 – January 2002
Trip to Henry Country by Ok-pyo Moon (Academy of Korean Studies and Harvard U)

Issue 2 – February 2002
Austronesian-Speaking Groups in Taiwan by Kunhui Ku (Tsing Hua U)

Issue 3 – March 2002
Normative Dynamics of International Assistance by Ann Frechette (Hamilton C)

Issue 4 – April 2002
E² + J: Engineers/Ethics in Japan by Scott Clark (Rose-Hulman Inst of Tech)

Issue 5 – May 2002
Desensationalizing the Mosuo by Eileen Rose Walsh (U of Massachusetts)

Issue 7 – October 2002
China’s One-Child Policy by Vanessa Fong (Harvard U)
Midwest Japan Seminar

Issue 8 – November 2002
Studying Mind and Body in Japan by John W Traphagen (U of Texas-Austin)

Issue 9 – December 2002
Cremation and Burial in Korean Mortuary Culture by Robert Pearson Flaherty (Kyungpook National U)

Volume 42

Issue 1 – January 2001
General information on the creation of the East Asia Section, in its first column.

Issue 3 – March 2001
Reply to John McCreery by Sara Davis (Yale U)

Issue 4 – April 2001
Anthropology of Japan in Japan (AJJ) by David Slater (Sophia U and U Chicago)

Issue 5 – May 2001
Social Stratification in South Korea by Denise Potzeba Lett
The Midwest Japan Seminar

Issue 6 – September 2001
News from Hong Kong by Joseph Bosco

Issue 7 – October 2001
Beyond Cultural Differences by John McCreery

Issue 8 – November 2001
Filipina “Entertainers” by Sea-ling Cheng (Oxford U)

Issue 9 – December 2001
Adventures in Chinese Bureaucracy by Gene Cooper (U of Southern California)