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Roseberry-Nash Student Paper Award


In December 2005 the Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology created the Roseberry-Nash Student Paper Award to honor William Roseberry and June Nash, two of the most outstanding anthropologists in the field of Latin American and Caribbean studies, and to recognize the excellence of students coming into the field who are creatively applying anthropological theory to their research. The award consists of 500 USD, which is awarded to the winner during the Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, as well as consideration for publishing their paper in the Journal for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology.


Kristine Latta, PhD candidate at Princeton University. Paper title: Cars and Cabildos: Accumulation and Moral Experience in Ottavalo, Ecuador.

Kate Goldade, PhD Candidate, at University of Arizona. Paper title: "I do not look or act Nicaraguan": Racialization, Illegality, Nation, and Undocumented Nicaraguan Labor Migration to Costa Rica.



* Joint award for this year


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