The Lemelson/SPA Conference Fund

The Lemelson/SPA Conference Fund supports its members in funding conferences on significant topics in the field of psychological anthropology. To date, 100% of funding recipients have turned the conference papers into edited volumes or special issues of academic journals.

Information on the conference program and application materials will be made available very soon. The anticipated deadline for the 2014-2015 funding cycle will be in April 2014.


Past Conferences



Cameron Hay-Rollins (Miami University, Ohio)
Methods That Matter: Anthropological and Mixed Methods to Understand Contemporary Social Issues and Inform Real World Policy


Naomi Quinn (Duke University)
and Jeannette Mageo (Washington State University)
Rethinking Attachment and Separation in Cross-Cultural Perspective

Tanya Luhrmann (Stanford University)
Toward an Anthropological Theory of Mind


Alex Hinton (Rutgers University)
and Devon Hinton (Massachusetts General Hospital)
Genocide and Mass Violence: Memory, Symptom, and Intervention

Daniel Lende (University of South Florida)
and Greg Downey (Macquarie University)
The Encultured Brain: Advances in Neuroanthropology


David Lancy (Utah State University)
Suzanne Gaskins (Northeastern Illinois University)
and John Bock (California State University, Fullerton)
Restaging Childhood

Eileen Anderson-Fye (Case Western Reserve University)
and Jill Korbin (Case Western Reserve University)
New Directions in Policy-Relevant Research on Adolescence: Perspectives from Psychological Anthropology

Don Seeman (Emory University)
and Sarah Willen (Southern Methodist University)
What’s at Stake in the Ethnography of Human Experience? Phenomenological and Psychoanalytic Perspectives